Adjectives for Spirit

Adjectives For Spirit

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing spirit, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'spirit' carries profound depth and an array of meanings, colored vividly by the adjectives that precede it. Using 'human' to describe spirit invokes empathy and the collective soul of humanity, while 'evil' suggests malevolence and supernatural darkness. 'True' spirit is often seen as a beacon of authenticity and integrity. On a broader scale, 'public' and 'national' spirit reflect the shared emotions and values of communities and countries, respectively, emphasizing the societal or cultural essence. These modifiers not only enrich the noun but also unveil the nuanced differences in interpretation and perception. Uncover the full spectrum of adjectives used with 'spirit' and explore the emotional and conceptual landscapes they reveal.
same"Let's all work together in the same spirit!"
humanThe resilience of the human spirit is a testament to our ability to overcome adversity
evilThe evil spirit lurked in the shadows, its malevolent presence permeating the air.
trueThe team's true spirit was revealed in the way they pulled together after the loss.
publicThe public spirit exhibited by the community was commendable.
nationalThe national spirit was high as the team prepared for the big game.
freeShe was a free spirit untamed and unafraid.
divineThe divine spirit soared through the realm of existence, leaving an ephemeral trail of cosmic wonder.
holyThe sermon was filled with the spirit of the holy spirit
pureThe pure spirit of the young girl was evident in her eyes.
scientificThe scientific spirit is one of curiosity, skepticism, and open-mindedness.
religiousThe religious spirit was present in the gathering.
veryThe very spirit of the place seemed to fill her with a sense of peace.
revolutionaryThe revolutionary spirit of the people ignited a wave of change that swept across the nation.
christianHis humble work was driven by a true christian spirit
rightShe was determined to approach the task with the right spirit
kindredShe was a kindred spirit unconditionally supportive and understanding.
creativeEmbracing their creative spirit they pursued their artistic passions with unwavering determination.
democraticThe democratic spirit permeated the town hall meeting, fostering respectful dialogue and collaborative decision-making
independentThe independent spirit of the young woman inspired her to pursue her dreams, no matter the obstacles.
criticalThe student questioned the teacher's answer with a critical spirit
restlessThe restless spirit of the wanderer drove him to explore every corner of the world.
nobleHer noble spirit led her to sacrifice her own happiness for the sake of others.
generousThe philanthropist's generous spirit extended to donating a significant portion of his wealth to humanitarian efforts.
liberalHe tries to avoid controversy but still has a liberal spirit
indomitableThe team faced adversity with an indomitable spirit
martialThe warrior's martial spirit drove him to victory.
proudThe proud spirit of the nation carried them through the darkest times.
entrepreneurialHer entrepreneurial spirit drove her to start her own business.
competitiveThe team's competitive spirit drove them to victory.
gentleHer gentle spirit radiated a calming effect on everyone around her.
properThe student showed proper spirit in the face of adversity.
adventurousWith an adventurous spirit she embarked on a journey to uncharted territories.
friendlyThe friendly spirit guided me through the forest.
uncleanThe unclean spirit left the man's body and entered the herd of swine.
innerThe inner spirit that drives you is the most powerful force in your life.
universalThe universal spirit unites all living beings.
immortalHer immortal spirit would live on through her descendants.
missionaryThe young lady had an ardent missionary spirit which led her to work among the poor.
eternalThe eternal spirit of our ancestors guides us on our journey.
patrioticThe students showed their patriotic spirit by waving flags and singing the national anthem.
boldHe had a bold spirit and never backed down from a challenge.
cooperativeThe team's cooperative spirit was evident in their ability to work together seamlessly.
rebelliousHer rebellious spirit led her to defy the rules and conventions of society.
genuineHe is widely regarded as a man of genuine spirit
familiarThe familiar spirit is a supernatural being that attends and serves a person or group.
disembodiedThe disembodied spirit floated through the halls, its ethereal form a haunting reminder of its former life.
warlikeThe Vikings were known for their warlike spirit which made them fearsome opponents in battle.
absoluteThe absolute spirit of the team will win the game for sure.
haughtyThe manager spoke to the employees with a haughty spirit
ardentThe ardent spirit of the protesters drove them through the cold, wet streets.
greekThe team played with great Greek spirit
enterprisingHer enterprising spirit led her to start her own business.
propheticHer prophetic spirit forewarned her of the impending disaster.
likeWe are like spirit free of care.
brokenHis broken spirit led him to a life of despair.
vitalHer vital spirit was proof of her strong will and determination.
loftyThe team approached the championship with a lofty spirit
progressiveThe company's progressive spirit brings innovative solutions to the table.
braveThrough the dark forest he marched with a brave spirit
humbleShe gracefully accepted the award with a humble spirit
blessedMay your blessed spirit soar free and find eternal peace.
fierceHer fierce spirit led her to overcome adversity and achieve success.
fieryHer fiery spirit could not be contained, and she blazed a trail of success wherever she went.
troubledThe room still held his troubled spirit which made her eyes well up with tears as she entered.
infiniteThe infinite spirit of the cosmos permeated all, beckoning with an eternal allure.
pioneeringThe pioneering spirit of the explorers led them to uncharted territories.
sweetHer sweet spirit filled the room with warmth and kindness.

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