Adjectives for Spring

Adjectives For Spring

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing spring, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'spring' brings thoughts of renewal and growth, yet the adjectives paired with it can significantly alter its essence. 'Early spring' conveys a sense of budding anticipation, while 'late spring' suggests a full bloom, nearing summer. The terms 'next' and 'last' spring anchor us in time, providing context to our memories or future plans. A 'hot spring' might evoke images of unexpected warmth or natural thermal waters, whereas the 'previous spring' can carry a nostalgic or comparative weight. The choice of adjective shapes the emotional and temporal landscape surrounding 'spring', coloring our understanding with unique shades of meaning. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that enrich the noun 'spring' below.
earlyEarly spring brings with it a sense of renewal and hope.
lateThe late spring air was warm and inviting.
nextI'm going to plant a garden next spring
lastI went for a walk in the park last spring
hotThe hot spring was a welcome respite after a long day of hiking.
previousWe had a wonderful time on our trip to the mountains last previous spring
wellThe well spring of his youth was apparent in his springy step.
spiralThe spiral spring wound around the base of the mechanism.
mainThe main spring of the watch had broken.
coldThe cold spring water was refreshing on a hot day.
coiledThe coiled spring launched the toy car across the room.
eternalThe garden was a paradise of eternal spring
perpetualThe island enjoys a perpetual spring throughout the year.
helicalThe helical spring was used to store energy and to absorb shock.
offShe took good care of her off spring
fineIt was a fine spring day, and the birds were singing merrily.
clearThe clear spring sparkled in the sunlight.
warmThe warm spring light streamed through the window.
secretThe secret spring bubbled up from the ground, its crystal-clear waters shimmering in the sunlight.
sacredThe sacred spring was believed to have healing properties.
beautifulThe beautiful spring breeze carried the scent of cherry blossoms.
hiddenThe hidden spring bubbled up from the depths of the earth.
suddenThe sudden spring brought a burst of color to the landscape.
coolThe cool spring water rejuvenated the weary hikers.
dayThe day spring found me already awake.
freshThe fresh spring water quenched my thirst.
perennialThe perennial spring of the valley brought forth a riot of color.
wetAfter the wet spring the grass was tall and lush.
sweetThe gentle breeze of sweet spring danced across the meadow.
lightThe light spring breeze carried the sweet scent of blooming flowers.
flatThe flat spring was too weak to hold the weight.
elasticThe elastic spring bounced back with great force.
powerfulThe powerful spring propelled the arrow towards its target.
dryThe dry spring brought a scarcity of water.
brokenThe broken spring in the old clock made a strange ticking noise.
linearThe linear spring was attached to the wall.
pureThe pure spring water refreshed the tired hikers.
pierianThe Pierian spring is a mythical fountain sacred to the Muses.
famousThe famous spring is a popular tourist destination.
nearbyThe nearby spring was a popular spot for picnics.
copiousThe forest was filled with a copious spring that trickled down the mountainside.
undergroundThe crystal clear water from the underground spring quenched their thirst.
weakThe weak spring caused the door to creak as it opened.
chalybeateThe chalybeate spring was said to have healing properties.
crystalThe crystal spring gurgled merrily in the heart of the forest.
stiffThe stiff spring caused the door to swing shut quickly.
earliestThe earliest spring is the 20th of March.
lovelyThe lovely spring brings new life to the world.
tinyThe tiny spring coiled and uncoiled, sending a faint tinkling sound through the air.
gentleThe gentle spring breeze carried the scent of blooming flowers.
torsionalThe torsional spring returned to its original shape when the force was removed.
thermalI went to a nearby thermal spring to relax.
holyThe holy spring glistened in the sunlight, its waters sparkling like a thousand diamonds.
abundantThe garden was adorned in an abundant spring foliage.
wonderfulThe wonderful spring breeze carries the scent of blooming flowers.
castalianThe castalian spring is a legendary spring on Mount Parnassus sacred to the Muses.
stretchedThe stretched spring released its energy and launched the toy car across the room.

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