Adjectives for Square

Adjectives For Square

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing square, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The noun 'square' takes on diverse nuances when paired with different adjectives, each portraying a unique aspect of its essence. A 'public square' evokes the communal and open nature of spaces designed for gatherings, whereas a 'small square' might hint at a quaint, intimate setting. The adjective 'mean' transforms it into a place that might be perceived as unwelcoming or harsh. 'Main' and 'large' both amplify its significance but in different dimensions: 'main' indicating its centrality and 'large' its spatial grandeur. 'Great' elevates the square to a status beyond size or location, imbuing it with a sense of importance or historical value. Discover how each adjective reshapes the concept of a square, unveiling the intricate layers of meaning that a simple noun can embody.
publicThe public square was filled with people protesting the government's new policies.
smallThe brown fox jumped over the small square
meanThe mean square of the data is 10.
mainThe main square was bustling with activity.
largeThe park had a large square where children played.
greatThe great square was filled with people.
centralThe central square was bustling with activity.
littleThe little square was barely visible in the distance.
openThe open square was a popular gathering place for the townspeople.
hollowThe hollow square was a strange sight to behold.
perfectThe area of a square is a perfect square
inchThe postage stamp was only an inch square
blackThe black square hung on the wall, a stark contrast to the colorful abstract painting beside it.
whiteThe white square was a stark contrast to the dark background.
magicThe ancient Greek mathematician and philosopher Archimedes discovered the magic square
latinThe latin square is a special arrangement of numbers in a square
bigThe big square was in the middle of the park.
redThe red square was a beacon of hope in the city.
roundThe concept of a round square is a logical impossibility.
oblongThe queen's birthday cake was an oblong square
emptyThe empty square sat in the corner of the room.
tinyShe cut a tiny square from the paper.
principalThe principal square of the town is surrounded by historical buildings.
blueThe blue square was very bright.
greenThe green square is in the corner.
solidThe solid square was made of metal.
hugeThe huge square was the only thing standing in the field.
largerThe larger square is roughly comparable in area to 158 soccer fields.
leastThe least square method is a statistical method for finding the best-fitting line or curve to a set of data points.
footThe old, foot square map was slightly dog-eared.
smallerThe smaller square was nestled inside the larger one.
vastThe vast square was empty and desolate.
halfThe team moved the half square forward two spaces.
spaciousThe spacious square provided ample room for the children to play.
wideThe crowd gathered in the wide square
yellowThere is a yellow square on the table.
darkHe placed the pawn on a dark square
innerThe inner square of the larger square had a side length of five feet.
largestThe largest square in the city is the central square.
doubleThe double square is a symbol of the Pythagorean theorem.
irregularThe irregular square looked out of place among the other rectangles.
exactThe area of an exact square is the square of its side length.
quietThe quiet square was a serene oasis in the bustling city.
residualThe residual square of the linear regression model is 0.05.
inscribedThe inscribed square had a side length of 5 units.
beautifulThe beautiful square was surrounded by lush green trees.
grandThe grand square was filled with people celebrating the festival.
semioticSemiotic square is a two-dimensional representation of the relationships between four terms.
pavedThe paved square was bustling with activity.
grayThe gray square was a perfect match for the blank wall.
cobbledWe walked through the cobbled square dodging the passing carriages
neatThe neat square pattern was very appealing.
blankThe blank square on the crossword puzzle stumped me.
flatI have a flat square box to put my belongings in.
circularThe circular square was a perplexing sight that defied all geometry.
desertedThe deserted square reflected the desolation of the abandoned town.
famousThe famous square was filled with people.
handsomeThe old city has a handsome square
outerThe outer square was the largest of the three.
topI placed my files in the top square of my drawer.
roughThe entrance to the building was a rough square
busyThe busy square was a hubbub of activity with people rushing to and fro.
historicThe historic square was filled with tourists.
rectangularA rectangular square is a geometrical impossibility.
opticalThe optical square is used to measure the angle between two lines.
immenseThey ambled through the immense square until their legs could carry them no further.

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