Adjectives for Staff

Adjectives For Staff

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing staff, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe staff can significantly impact the perception of their role and expertise. For instance, medical staff implies a team with specialized healthcare skills, whereas professional staff denotes a broader spectrum of skilled individuals, often with a focus on quality and ethics. General staff can refer to employees across various departments, highlighting versatility. Administrative staff focuses on essential office and support functions, while senior staff suggests individuals with higher-level responsibilities and experience. Technical staff, on the other hand, emphasizes roles requiring specific technological skills. These nuances offer a glimpse into the diverse context in which staff operate, guiding our understanding and expectations. Discover the full range of adjectives paired with 'staff' for more insights.
medicalThe medical staff attended to the injured patient diligently.
professionalThe professional staff at the company are highly skilled and experienced.
generalThe general staff met to discuss the battle plans.
administrativeI would like to thank the administrative staff for their hard work and dedication.
seniorThe board meeting will be held with the senior staff present.
technicalThe film's technical staff worked tirelessly to make sure everything went smoothly.
entireThe entire staff worked diligently to complete the project on time.
permanentThe company is looking to hire permanent staff for its new office.
academicThe academic staff of the university are highly qualified and experienced.
timeThe time staff kept the orchestra running smoothly.
clericalWe need to hire some clerical staff to help with the filing.
trainedOur team of trained staff is ready to assist you with any questions you may have.
localThe local staff was very friendly and helpful.
personalHe asked his personal staff to make the arrangements.
additionalThe company is hiring additional staff to meet the growing demand for their products.
supervisoryThe supervisory staff will be responsible for overseeing the project.
regularThe regular staff are all on vacation this week.
centralThe central staff provided support to all departments.
clinicalThe clinical staff was very helpful during my stay in the hospital.
juniorThe junior staff will be responsible for the day-to-day operations.
competentWe have a competent staff that is always willing to help.
adequateThe store had adequate staff to handle the rush.
scientificThe scientific staff at the laboratory conducts experiments on new materials.
legalThe company's legal staff is reviewing the new contract.
domesticThe domestic staff were very efficient and friendly.
managerialHe promoted several members of his managerial staff to executive positions.
pastoralThe bishop carried a pastoral staff as he led the procession.
skilledWe have a team of skilled staff ready to assist you.
instructionalThe instructional staff at the school is dedicated to providing students with a high-quality education.
femaleThe female staff were very helpful.
secretarialOur highly competent secretarial staff is always ready to assist you.
keyThe key staff members will be informed of the decision by the end of the week.
experiencedOur experienced staff are always ready to help you.
executiveThe executive staff met to discuss the company's financial performance.
corporateThe corporate staff welcomed the new employees with a warm reception.
lineThe line staff was responsible for assembling the products.
sufficientThe new hospital wing will have sufficient staff to care for the expected number of patients.
subordinateWe should empower our subordinate staff for better results.
qualifiedThe company hired qualified staff to handle the new project
necessaryEnsuring that their buildings have the necessary staff on hand to maintain a safe environment is one of the most important things schools can do.
temporaryWe are currently onboarding some temporary staff to help with the workload.
friendlyThe friendly staff at the hotel provided excellent service to all of the guests.
navalThere were more people on the naval staff of Elizabeth I than her grandfather had in his entire navy.
extraWe had to hire extra staff to meet the demand.
topWe have a team of top staff that are always ready to help.
editorialThe editorial staff reviewed the submitted article.
efficientOur efficient staff is always ready to help.
levelThe level staff was used to determine the elevation of the site
maleI am looking forward to working with the male staff
ancillaryThe ancillary staff augmented the main workforce to ensure the smooth functioning of operations.
limitedThe office is closed due to limited staff
specializedThe company has specialized staff to handle customer inquiries.
surgicalThe surgical staff was scrubbed and ready for the operation.
operationalThe operational staff worked diligently to ensure the smooth running of the organization.
salariedThe salaried staff of the company are entitled to a range of benefits.
expatriateIn this globalized business world, companies use expatriate staff to send their employees across borders to work in different locations.
enoughThe company does not have enough staff to complete the project.
diplomaticThe diplomatic staff attended the meeting as requested.
expertThe expert staff can assist you with any questions you may have.
custodialThe custodial staff kept the school clean and tidy.
presidentialThe president had a meeting with his top presidential staff

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