Adjectives for Stage

Adjectives For Stage

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing stage, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The noun 'stage' when coupled with adjectives like 'first', 'early', 'second', 'next', 'final', and 'third' unveils the progression or phases of an event or process. Each adjective brings a unique nuance, marking important milestones or transitions. For instance, 'first stage' often signifies the beginning or initial phase, while 'final stage' indicates the culmination or conclusion. Similarly, 'early stage' suggests an initial period which might involve setting the groundwork, and 'next stage' hints at a subsequent phase of development. Delving into these combinations can enrich our understanding of the stages involved in various contexts, unveiling the depth and complexity behind simple terms. Discover the full breadth of adjectives paired with 'stage' to explore the intricate tapestry of development and progression.
firstThe first stage of the project was completed on time.
earlyThe clinical trial is in early stage
secondThe second stage of the rocket ignited and propelled the spacecraft into orbit.
nextLet's move to the next stage
finalThe final stage of the competition was the most challenging.
thirdWe are currently in the third stage of the project.
laterSome of them might have been in the later stage of their lives.
lastWe have reached the last stage of the project.
initialThe project is still in its initial stage
advancedThe disease has progressed to an advanced stage
earlierThe earlier stage of the project involved extensive research and planning.
presentI have been working on this project for a long time, and it is now in its present stage
lateThe project is in the late stage of development.
acuteThe patient is currently in the acute stage of the disease.
developmentalThe child is in the developmental stage where they are learning to walk.
fourthThe fourth stage of the project is currently underway.
intermediateThe intermediate stage of the project is nearing completion.
larvalMany insects go through a larval stage before they become adults.
earliestThe earliest stage of human development is the embryonic stage.
criticalThe project is now at a critical stage
transitionalThe company is in a transitional stage of growth.
englishThe English stage saw a dramatic revival in the 17th century.
preliminaryThe preliminary stage of the project is almost complete.
secondaryThe secondary stage of the research was conducted using a qualitative approach.
highestShe competed at the highest stage of the swimming competition.
primaryThe primary stage of the disease was characterized by a rash and fever.
centreThe main character took centre stage in the play.
cellThe embryo is at the cell stage
primitiveThe agricultural practices in this region are still in their primitive stage
formativePhysical activity during the formative stage creates a strong connection of the mind and body.
embryonicThe embryonic stage is the early stage of development.
fifthThe fifth stage of sleep is known as REM sleep, which is when most dreaming occurs.
crucialThe project reached a crucial stage and the team was prepared to face any challenges.
pupalThe pupal stage is the third and final stage of metamorphosis in insects.
offThe actor took a moment to compose himself off stage before returning for his next scene.
chronicThe patient's condition had deteriorated to a chronic stage
terminalThe patient was diagnosed with a terminal stage cancer.
lowestShe is in the lowest stage of her career.
preparatoryStudents in the preparatory stage of their education learn the basics of reading, writing, and mathematics.
twoThe two stage process is complete.
incipientThe project is still in its incipient stage but it has already attracted a lot of attention.
operationalThe operational stage is the third and final stage of cognitive development, according to Piaget.
successiveThe successive stage of the research should be carried out to improve the experimental results.
emptyThe empty stage stood before them, a symbol of potential and forgotten dreams.
latestThe latest stage of the project is the implementation phase.
soundThe dramatic sound stage brought the play to life.
evolutionaryThe evolutionary stage of a species can be determined by the complexity of its nervous system.
operaticThe soprano's voice soared through the vast operatic stage filling the theater with its ethereal beauty.

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