Adjectives for Stand

Adjectives For Stand

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing stand, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a stand can profoundly alter its perception and significance. A last stand evokes a sense of final, desperate resistance, whereas a firm stand conveys steadiness in convictions. The term strong stand suggests unwavering support or position, while night stand shifts the context entirely to an item of furniture. An old stand may reflect something enduring or dated, and a grand stand can either be a large and impressive structure or an action meant to impress. Discover how adjectives unfold the myriad dimensions of 'stand' in our full list below.
lastThe Spartans made their last stand at Thermopylae.
firmThe politician took a firm stand on the issue of immigration.
strongHer strong stand against injustice is truly inspiring.
nightI put my phone on the night stand before going to bed.
grandThe grand stand offered a panoramic view of the entire stadium.
finalThe weary soldiers prepared for their final stand against the relentless horde.
publicThe public stand was packed with people waiting to see the parade.
definiteShe took a definite stand on the issue.
boldThe company took a bold stand against the unethical practices in the industry.
woodenThe wooden stand held the vase upright.
clearThe senator made her clear stand on the issue.
desperateThe rebels made a desperate stand against the advancing enemy.
courageousHer courageous stand against injustice inspired many.
heroicThe brave soldiers made a heroic stand against the enemy's overwhelming forces.
moralHer moral stand against the corruption case gained her respect.
uncompromisingShe took an uncompromising stand on the issue of climate change.
positiveThe new mayor took a positive stand on environmental issues.
denseWe hiked through a dense stand of trees.
pureThe even-aged pure stand of Douglas fir was approximately 80 years old.
independentAs an independent stand the vendor sells a variety of treats.
officialThe official stand of the organization is that all members must adhere to the code of conduct.
braveShe took a brave stand against injustice.
gallantThe gallant stand of the soldiers allowed the civilians to escape.
thickHe hacked through the thick stand of bamboo.
resoluteThe team showed a resolute stand against the opposition's onslaught.
strongerOur insistence on clear expectations has helped the team take a stronger stand
principledSarah refused to compromise her principled stand on the matter.
toughThe government took a tough stand against the protesters.
nobleThe noble stand of the resistance fighters inspired the nation.
neutralThe company decided to take a neutral stand on the issue.
deadThe dead stand as a reminder of the consequences of war.
earlierShe found that her earlier stand was the correct one.
vigorousThe opposition took a vigorous stand against the new legislation.
successfulThe comedian's successful stand-up routine left the audience in tears.
firmerThe government has taken a firmer stand on environmental issues.
decisiveThe decisive stand of the general ensured a resounding victory.
radicalThe radical stand taken by the activist group drew both praise and criticism.
unequivocalThe company took an unequivocal stand against racial discrimination.
militantThe group took a militant stand against the government's new policies.
mixedThe mixed stand was full of people from all walks of life.
rigidThe council took a rigid stand on the issue of gun control.
moderateThe organization has taken a moderate stand on the issue.
aggressiveThe attorney took an aggressive stand during the trial.
defensiveThe team took a strong defensive stand in order to protect their lead.
dogThe dog stand is made of wood.
extremeHe took an extreme stand against violence.
ideologicalHe stuck to his ideological stand and refused to compromise.
consistentDespite their differences in approach, they maintained a consistent stand on the issue.
conservativeThe conservative stand was popular in the 1950s.

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