Adjectives for Standard

Adjectives For Standard

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing standard, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to pair with 'standard' can deeply influence the perceived quality, scope, or level of expectation. For instance, a 'high standard' suggests a level of excellence that surpasses the ordinary, while a 'minimum standard' implies just meeting basic requirements. 'International standard' denotes a guideline recognized globally, highlighting its broader acceptance or implementation, whereas 'internal standard' might refer to less formal, organization-specific criteria. Each adjective, from 'double' to 'higher,' adds a nuanced layer of meaning, setting distinct benchmarks for comparison, aspiration, or compliance. Dive deeper into how each adjective uniquely alters the essence of 'standard' in our comprehensive list below.
highOur products are manufactured to a high standard
higherWe must adhere to a higher standard of conduct.
doubleThe company has a double standard when it comes to maternity and paternity leave.
minimumThe minimum standard of living in the country is very low.
internationalThis product meets international standards.
internalThe internal standard was used to correct for variations in sample preparation and analysis.
moralThe moral standard is that killing is wrong.
generalThe standard was developed with the full co-operation of the industry and is accepted as the general standard
highestThe highest standard of quality is expected from all employees.
singleAlthough I do support the policy, I think it is wrong to apply a single standard across such a diverse group.
commonWe should use the common standard to ensure consistency.
lowerThe school has a lower standard for education.
nationalThe software complies with the national standard
reasonableThe company has a reasonable standard of care for its employees.
absoluteThe quality of the product is of an absolute standard
goldThe gold standard is the most reliable and accurate measure of something.
objectiveThis book is the objective standard for writers.
royalThe royal standard of the United Kingdom is a flag used to represent the British monarch.
decentThe school has always been known for providing decent standard education.
legalThe new legal standard was implemented to protect the rights of citizens.
currentThe current standard for data transmission uses a fiber-optic cable.
betterWe should strive for a better standard of living.
averageThe product has an average standard of quality.
primaryThis compound reacts with a known amount of primary standard
uniformThe professor enforced a uniform standard for grading student essays.
universalThe company has adopted this universal standard to ensure consistency across all its products.
ethicalEthical standards are the moral principles that guide our behavior.
acceptablePlease maintain an acceptable standard of behavior at all times.
idealThe ideal standard for this product is 95% accuracy.
appropriateAdopting the appropriate standard can enhance project efficiency.
properThe proper standard for writing requires the use of correct grammar and punctuation.
monetaryThe Bretton Woods system established the U.S. dollar as the global monetary standard
adequateThe company did not meet the adequate standard of customer service.
externalThe external standard is used to compare the known concentration of the sample to the unknown concentration of the sample.
ultimateThe ultimate standard of excellence is unattainable.
fixedThe project team adopted a fixed standard for all deliverables.
europeanThe European standard for electrical plugs is different from the American standard.
educationalThe educational standard of the school has improved significantly over the past few years.
usualI'm sorry, I don't know what you mean by 'usual standard'.
professionalThe team maintained a professional standard throughout the project.
arbitraryWe must ensure that the valuation of the job is not based on an arbitrary standard
definiteThe definite standard for success is hard work.
satisfactoryThe work was completed to a satisfactory standard
strictThe company has a strict standard of conduct that all employees must follow.
fairThis product has a fair standard
officialThe official standard is to use the metric system.
improvedTheir improved standard of living was noticeable in many ways.
normativeWe do not have a task to deliver a normative standard
applicablePlease follow all applicable standards.
minimalWe should try to meet the minimal standard of living.
soleThe sole standard for evaluating a candidate's qualifications should be their merit.
globalThe company's products meet the global standard for quality.
relevantThe data must follow a relevant standard so that it can be easily used.

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