Adjectives for Standards

Adjectives For Standards

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing standards, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe standards can subtly change the perception of their importance or scope. For instance, high standards suggest a level of excellence and dedication, whereas international standards speak to a global consensus or acceptance. Moral and ethical standards, on the other hand, delve into the realm of principles and righteousness, underscoring the values behind actions. The phrase higher standards often implies an ambition to surpass the norm, while minimum standards set the baseline for acceptability. Each adjective adds a distinct shade of meaning, offering insights into the expectations and benchmarks discussed. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives paired with standards for a deeper understanding of their implications.
highHe was known for his high standards and attention to detail.
internationalThe company adheres to international standards in its manufacturing processes.
moralThe company has strict moral standards that all employees must adhere to.
higherWe expect our employees to maintain higher standards of conduct.
minimumThe school failed to meet minimum standards for safety.
ethicalThe company adheres to the highest ethical standards in all its dealings.
nationalThe school district has adopted national standards for all subjects.
professionalProfessional standards must be maintained at all times.
certainWe expect our employees to adhere to certain standards of conduct.
highestWe strive to meet the highest standards in all our work.
modernModern standards demand a level of sophistication and refinement.
environmentalOur company adheres to the strictest environmental standards
academicAlthough the students performed poorly on the test, they were meeting academic standards in class.
educationalThe educational standards set by the state are designed to ensure that all students receive a quality education.
currentThe current standards are more stringent than ever before.
europeanThe company ensured that the product met strict European standards
technicalThese technical standards have been developed in order to ensure safety and reliability
westernThe company's financial performance has been below western standards
doubleThe company has double standards regarding their sick leave policy.
federalThe federal standards require a minimum of 12 credits per semester for full-time status.
legalThe data did not meet the legal standards for disclosure.
acceptableThe quality of the product meets acceptable standards
uniformTeachers at the school must follow uniform standards when grading student work.
objectiveWe must have objective standards to evaluate student learning.
strictThe program adheres to strict standards and does not accept any deviation.
culturalThe cultural standards of a society influence the way people behave and interact with each other.
internalThe internal standards used for this calibration check include phenanthrene-d10, acenaphthene-d10, and chrysene-d12.
contemporaryThe contemporary standards of beauty have evolved over time.
traditionalThe project adheres to established traditional standards
conventionalStudents were expected to conform to the school's conventional standards of dress.
stringentThe company has implemented stringent standards to ensure product quality.
absoluteThe absolute standards of beauty are constantly changing.
minimalThe company did not meet the minimal standards for safety.
ordinaryHe lived a simple life by ordinary standards
universalThe company strives to adhere to universal standards of quality and customer service.
rigidAdhering to the company's rigid standards the employees meticulously carried out their tasks.
scientificThe research should follow recognized scientific standards
normativeNormative standards are utilized to evaluate and regulate behavior.
regulatoryThe company must adhere to the strict regulatory standards set by the government.
reasonableThe company offers reasonable standards for employee benefits.
applicableThe company must comply with all applicable standards and regulations.
relevantThe process should adhere to relevant standards
exactingThe designer strove to meet the exacting standards of the client.
aestheticThe aesthetic standards of the early 20th century emphasized clean lines and geometric forms.
globalTheir products are in accordance with global standards
usualThe quality of the product did not meet our usual standards
literaryThe literary standards of the novel were impeccable.
adequateThe company has put in place adequate standards to ensure the quality of their products.
definiteThe company has to follow definite standards to remain competitive.
classThe class standards were high, and the students were expected to maintain a certain level of academic achievement.
intellectualThe university has high intellectual standards for its students.
voluntaryThe organization created voluntary standards for its members to follow.
contentThese content standards establish the knowledge, skills, and abilities that students should have at each grade level.
artisticThe gallery displayed artworks that did not meet artistic standards
stricterThe school adopted stricter standards for students after a decline in test scores.

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