Adjectives for Start

Adjectives For Start

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing start, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a start significantly impacts the tone of your narrative. For instance, a good start can inspire optimism, suggesting a journey or task began on a high note. A fresh start evokes a sense of renewal, indicating an opportunity to leave past mistakes behind. An early start might emphasize preparedness and eagerness, while a very start underscores the exact beginning, focusing on origins. Conversely, a new start signals change and the beginning of something previously unexperienced. The choice of describing a start as slow, however, introduces a more cautious or challenging tone to the narrative. Each adjective brings its unique shade of meaning to the word 'start,' highlighting different aspects of beginning experiences. Explore our complete list of adjectives for more insights into how each can color your descriptions.
goodI had a good start to the day.
freshAfter her divorce, she moved to a new city for a fresh start
earlyWe got an early start to avoid the traffic.
newHere's to a new start
slowThe company had a slow start but is now thriving.
lateI got a late start on my work this morning.
badThe car accident was a bad start to the trip.
falseThe runner was disqualified for a false start
suddenThe sudden start of the downpour caught everyone off guard.
promisingThe promising start to the day quickly turned into a nightmare.
fairEvery child deserves a fair start in life.
betterI better start studying for my exams.
clickClick start to begin the process.
quickThe quick start guide will help you get up and running in no time.
slightI felt a slight start when the roller coaster took off.
poorThe team had a poor start to the season.
excellentThis is an excellent start
coldThe cold start of the engine was unsuccessful.
auspiciousThe new year festivities began with an auspicious start revealing a promising future.
selectThere are two buttons on the controller: select start
earlierI wish I had an earlier start on this project.
shakyDespite a shaky start the team managed to pull off a victory.
violentThe film had a violent start
fineIt was a fine start to a beautiful day.
rockyAfter a rocky start the meeting progressed smoothly.
successfulThe business had a successful start to the year.
fastThe team got off to a fast start in the first quarter.
modestThe company had a modest start in a small town.
inauspiciousThe inauspicious start to the day was a harbinger of the difficulties that lay ahead.
officialThe official start of the race is at 8am.
cleanLet's make a clean start and forget about the past.
earliestThe earliest start time is 9:00 AM.
hotI used the hair straightener on the hot start setting to quickly smooth out my hair.
involuntaryHis involuntary start startled his companion.
healthyA healthy start is key to a healthy life
usefulA useful start to any project is to define the scope.
difficultThe project faced a difficult start due to unforeseen obstacles.
roughDue to the sudden downpour, the festival met with a rough start
encouragingThe new program has had an encouraging start
guiltyThe guilty start with a pang of unease.
nervousThe horse got a nervous start out of the gate.
convulsiveThe child let out a convulsive start when the thunder suddenly roared.
brilliantThe brilliant start of the play captivated the audience.
promptHe jumped to a prompt start
unpromisingDespite an unpromising start the project eventually succeeded.
splendidThe meeting had a splendid start with everyone present and eager to participate.
warmWe use a warm start to initiate the process.
impressiveThe company got off to an impressive start with over $$100$ million in revenue.
niceNice start to the day.
easyIt was an easy start to the day.
wonderfulWhat a wonderful start to the day!
latestThe latest start time for the project is 6:00 AM.
smoothThe smooth start to the day helped me feel relaxed and focused.
decentThis project has got off to a decent start
humbleThe business began with humble start in the years since has blossomed.
vigorousThe runners got off to a vigorous start
minuteThe minute start was so loud that I jumped.
sureThe sure start program provides support and services to young children and their families.

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