Adjectives for Starting

Adjectives For Starting

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing starting, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe starting can profoundly influence the perception of your sentence. For instance, a first starting is about embarking on a new journey, filled with anticipation and possibilities. A self starting suggests independence and initiative, showing a proactive stance. Meanwhile, a cold starting might hint at challenges or a lack of warmth in the beginning stages. An easy starting offers comfort and a smooth transition, whereas a frequent starting points to a pattern or habit that's developing. On the other hand, a hard starting sets the scene for a story of struggle and determination. Each adjective paints a unique picture, shaping narratives in subtle but impactful ways. Discover the full spectrum of nuances each adjective unveils when paired with starting below.
firstWhen I first starting making music, I thought I knew everything.
coldThe car had trouble cold starting this morning due to the frigid temperatures.
easyThe car's easy starting made the morning commute a breeze.
frequentThe frequent starting and stopping of the engine caused problems.
hardThe car had a hard starting after the rain.
accidentalThe accidental starting of the machine caused a huge loss.
suddenThe sudden starting of the car caught me off guard.
lateThe project was late starting but we are working hard to catch up.
quickThe engine of the car has a quick starting
electricThe new car had electric starting which was a major convenience feature at the time.
automaticThe car was equipped with automatic starting
nextThe next starting date is 11/02/2023.
easierEasier starting means relaxing and getting things done.
lineThis is a line starting with 'This'
slowThe slow starting car couldn't keep up with the rest of the traffic.
currentThe current starting lineup has been announced.
deltaThe motor has a delta starting circuit.
rapidThe car's rapid starting surprised me.
actualThe actual starting date of the project is next Tuesday.
initialThe initial starting point for the project was in March.
definiteThe definite starting point for the race was the town hall.
voltageThe voltage starting at 10 volts is now 15.
smoothThe engine had a smooth starting
worthThis project is worth starting
reliableWe need a reliable starting pitcher for the team.
normalThe normal starting point for learning is reading.
latterThe latter starting position was a good decision for the team.
instantThe car's instant starting was a huge advantage in the race.
manualThe vehicle's ignition can be performed via manual starting
satisfactoryThe satisfactory starting salary attracted many applicants.
successfulThe successful starting of the project was due to the team's dedication and hard work.
constantThe constant starting of the engine was grating on her nerves.
earliestPlease complete the form with your earliest starting date.
promptThe punctual prompt starting was very productive.
exactThe exact starting time of the meeting is still unknown.
tearTear starting she ran to the park.
immediateThe construction project is set to commence with immediate starting
weatherThe weather starting to get cold.
simultaneousThe two teams began the race with a simultaneous starting
softThe soft starting of the motor prevented any sudden jerks.
clearWith a clear starting point, the race began.
instantaneousThe car's engine had instantaneous starting capabilities.
effectiveHe implemented effective starting strategies for the new project.
convenientConvenient starting the car brings many advantages.
mereAlthough he had a mere starting salary, he was determined to succeed.
synchronousThe synchronous starting of the motors ensured a smooth operation.
electricalThe car has an electrical starting system.
subgameThe subgame starting notification will be sent to all players.
uneasyHis uneasy starting steps came before falling back into a deceptively smooth stride.
variableThe variable starting point had not been considered.
hotThe engine is hot starting due to a problem with the carburetor.
correctCorrect starting allows for easier understanding.
quickerThe quicker starting car won the race.
nonThe non starting engine was a major inconvenience.
halfThe car was half starting and wouldn't turn on.
intervalThe interval starting from midnight to noon is twelve hours.
usefulThis is a useful starting point for your project.
inherentlyThe value of art is inherently starting to depreciate.
comfortableThe comfortable starting position allowed me to stretch my muscles effectively.
remoteThe remote starting feature allowed me to warm up my car before getting out of bed.

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