Adjectives for Statement

Adjectives For Statement

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing statement, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a statement can significantly impact its reception and clarity. A general statement might cast a wide net, while a clear statement ensures no misunderstanding. The last statement marks a conclusion, bringing discussions to a definitive end. Emphasizing conciseness, a brief statement gets straight to the point, whereas a simple statement strips away complexity for universal understanding. Not to forget, a financial statement bears the weight of numbers, reflecting the health of businesses and economies. Each adjective molds the perception and intention behind a statement, unlocking new meanings and implications. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives paired with 'statement' to master the art of precise and impactful communication.
generalThat is a general statement
clearThe clear statement made it easy to understand the concept.
lastI remember that was his last statement
briefThe brief statement was noted in the document.
simpleThe simple statement was made with ease.
financialThe financial statement shows the company's financial performance.
publicThe public statement caused a great deal of controversy.
falseThe false statement misled the public.
finalThe prosecutor gave his final statement to the jury.
officialThe official statement was released by the company's public relations department.
singleThe professor looked at the single statement on the page.
explicitThe explicit statement in the document outlined the company's financial goals for the upcoming quarter.
trueThe statement that I am a true statement is a true statement
formalPlease submit a formal statement to the court by the end of the week.
jointThe two leaders released a joint statement ahead of their meeting.
similarThe apartment was spacious, with similar statement as the other one.
fullThe new policy issued a full statement on corporate responsibility.
completeThis sentence is a complete statement
detailedHe provided a detailed statement about his whereabouts on the night of the crime.
originalThe original statement was not provided.
personalI have been working on my personal statement for weeks now.
shortThis is a short statement
mereHer mere statement was enough to convince them.
strongHis strong statement made everyone sit up and take notice
latterHer first statement was confusing, but her latter statement cleared things up.
classicHer classic statement was that she wouldn't betray her friends.
correctThe correct statement is that the Earth is round.
conciseThe concise statement made the point clearly and effectively.
accurateThe committee's report was an accurate statement of the facts.
previousThe previous statement is true.
annualPlease send me a copy of my annual statement
earlierHe retracted his earlier statement
environmentalThe environmental statement for the proposed project is available for review.
selectCan you help me write a SELECT statement to retrieve data from a database?
plainThe farmer made a plain statement about the weather.
initialThe initial statement is crucial.
definitiveThe definitive statement was made by the CEO.
preciseThe precise statement provided all the necessary details.
famousThe famous statement "I have a dream," was delivered by Martin Luther King Jr.
comprehensiveThe comprehensive statement provided all the necessary information.
preparedThe prepared statement helped prevent SQL injection attacks by parameterizing the query.
preliminaryThe preliminary statement outlined the main points of the proposal.
fairThat's a fair statement
foregoingThe foregoing statement is true.
introductoryThe introductory statement sets the context for the following information.
monthlyPlease send me a copy of my monthly statement
authoritativeThe CEO of the company made an authoritative statement that the company would be profitable in the next quarter.
openingThe prosecutor began with an opening statement summarizing the case.
powerfulShe faced the challenge head-on, making a powerful statement of her determination.
boldThis is a bold statement**
remarkableThe politician made a remarkable statement that shocked the nation.
exactPlease provide the exact statement you are referring to
broadMaking a broad statement without providing specific evidence or examples can weaken an argument.
theoreticalThe theoretical statement provided a solid basis for the experiment.
verbalThe verbal statement provided the necessary information.
bareThe bare statement was met with resistance from the audience.
readThe read statement is used to retrieve data from a database.
succinctThe succinct statement was delivered eloquently.
mathematicalAs a mathematical statement the expression '2 + 2 = 4' represents the equality of two mathematical expressions.
interestingThat is an interesting statement
clearestThe clearest statement was that the proposal would be discussed at the next meeting.
sweepingWe should avoid making sweeping statements without considering all the facts
baldThe bald statement startled the audience.
categoricalThe categorical statement was met with skepticism.
frankHer frank statement surprised the audience.

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