Adjectives for Statements

Adjectives For Statements

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing statements, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Understanding the impact of adjectives when paired with the noun 'statements' can deeply influence the perception and reception of the conveyed message. Descriptors like 'financial' and 'public' provide a framework that directs the audience's understanding towards a specific context, such as monetary conditions or information intended for the general populace. Conversely, adjectives like 'false' not only indicate the veracity of the statement but also introduce an ethical and legal dimension to the discussion. Each adjective, from 'general' to 'following', shapes the narrative in subtle yet profound ways, guiding the reader's comprehension and emotional response. Delve into the full spectrum of adjectives used with 'statements' to appreciate the nuances they bring.
financialFinancial statements provide a snapshot of a company's financial health at a given point in time.
suchI am not sure what you mean by such statements
followingThe following statements are true.
generalGeneral statements are broad declarations about a group that do not consider individual differences.
publicThe politician's public statements were carefully crafted to appeal to a wide range of voters.
similarShe made many similar statements all of them false.
officialThe official statements will likely be released later today.
aboveBelow are key takeaways from the above statements
trueTrue statements are statements that are in accordance with the facts.
explicitThe explicit statements in the document provide clear and direct information.
negativeI don't like negative statements
clearClear statements often simplify communication and understanding.
consolidatedThe company's consolidated statements provide a comprehensive view of its financial performance and position.
previousI regret to inform you that your previous statements have been proven false.
annualThe annual statements were released yesterday by the company.
verbalVerbal statements were contrasted with nonverbal statements.
theoreticalThe book contains numerous theoretical statements
briefPeople's tweets are the brief statements of their daily life.
earlierThe earlier statements would have been rephrased in accordance with the rules specified.
monthlyI receive my monthly statements on the 15th of every month.
environmentalIt is important to pay attention to environmental statements made by politicians.
formalThe formal statements of the witness were carefully considered by the judge.
foregoingTaking into account the foregoing statements I believe we should proceed with the plan.
conflictingThe witness provided conflicting statements during the investigation.
separateLet's separate statements with commas.
detailedThe detailed statements in the report provided a comprehensive overview of the company's performance.
numerousThe report included numerous statements about the company's future prospects.
broadPoliticians often make broad statements during their campaigns.
preciseThis document presents precise statements about the company's financial performance.
oralShe prepared oral statements for her clients in court cases.
subsequentThe subsequent statements should be considered carefully.
theologicalThe theological statements in the article challenge traditional interpretations of the Bible.
empiricalEmpirical statements are statements that can be verified or falsified through observation or experimentation.
authoritativeThe report contains authoritative statements regarding the company's financial performance.
mathematicalMathematical statements are logical expressions that are used to define relationships between different quantities.
dogmaticThe dogmatic statements of the speaker were met with disbelief by the audience.
precedingThe asserted facts contradicted the preceding statements
ethicalThe ethical statements in this document are designed to guide our behavior and decision-making.
doctrinalThe doctrinal statements of the church provide guidance for members on matters of faith and practice.
normativeNormative statements express opinions or judgments about what should or should not be.
erroneousThe erroneous statements should be corrected before submitting the report.
analyticAnalytic statements are true by virtue of their meaning.
misleadingThe article contained misleading statements that could have led readers to make incorrect assumptions.
correctCorrect statements are essential for accurate communication.
logicalLogical statements assist in the formalization of the field of jurisprudence.
categoricalIt is important to avoid categorical statements when making arguments.
executableThe executable statements are the core of any program.

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