Adjectives for Station

Adjectives For Station

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing station, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word station\<\/strong\> can adopt various nuances when paired with different adjectives, painting vivid and distinct pictures. A first\<\/em\> station radiates a sense of pioneering and freshness, possibly the original or most important one. Local\<\/em\> stations, on the other hand, emphasize community and accessibility, being closely knit to the neighborhood. Introducing a new\<\/em\> station suggests development and modernity, an upgrade or addition to the existing. The central\<\/em\> station is all about significance and connectivity, often the heart of travel networks. Meanwhile, terms like next\<\/em\> and nearest\<\/em\> station denote proximity and convenience for travelers. Each adjective unfolds a layer of meaning, transforming \
firstThe first station on the new subway line is now open.
localI listened to the local station on the radio.
newI went to the new station yesterday.
centralThe central station was a bustling hub of activity.
nextThe next station is the last one.
nearestThe nearest station is about a ten-minute walk away.
highThe man of high station was respected by all who knew him.
navalThe naval station was a hub of activity as ships came and went.
smallThe small station served as a hub for the local community.
mainThe main station is located in the city center.
importantThis is an important station for research and data collection.
mobileThe mobile station was unable to connect to the network.
militaryThe military station was heavily fortified.
nuclearThe nuclear station is located in a remote area.
experimentalThe experimental station conducted numerous tests on the new vaccine.
wirelessThe wireless station broadcasted the news to the entire city.
singleThe single station played Top 40 hits all day long.
electricThe electric station was located on the outskirts of town.
privateHe works at a private station
formerThe former station is now a museum.
agriculturalI visited the agricultural station to learn about new farming techniques.
exaltedThe exalted station of the priest was evident in his elaborate robes and ceremonial vestments.
nearbyThe nearby station is just a few minutes away.
commercialWe get most of our news from our local commercial station
humbleEleanor had been born into a humble station but she had never let that stop her from dreaming big.
properThe train pulled into the proper station
distantThe distant station was visible from the window.
meteorologicalThe weather conditions in the area are recorded by the meteorological station
romanAt the roman station all the passengers boarded the train.
undergroundI took the underground station to get to work.
hydroelectricThe hydroelectric station harnessed the power of the mighty river, generating clean and renewable energy.
quarantineThe quarantine station was established to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.
remoteThe remote station was located in a desolate area, far from any civilization.
permanentThe train was approaching its permanent station
officialThe official station is responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of the organization.
elevatedThe elevated station offered a panoramic view of the city.
principalRegrettably, the principal station will be closed for the next several days.
intermediateHe stopped at the intermediate station to buy lunch.
highestShe was born as the highest station under heavens.
secondaryThe secondary station was monitoring the incoming signals.
missionaryThe trip was long and tiring, but the missionaries eventually arrived at their destination, the missionary station
chiefThe chief station is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the station's operations.
thermalThe thermal station generated electricity using heat from the combustion of fossil fuels.
largest"Grand Central Terminal is the largest station in the world."
independentShe had worked as a reporter for an independent station in New Jersey.
terminalThe terminal station was packed with commuters during rush hour.
outHe was on an out station assignment with his team.
typicalThe typical station is a small building with a ticket window and a waiting area.
middleThe middle station of the ski lift was closed due to high winds.
temporaryThe engineers are building a temporary station to study the new data.
powerThe power station provides electricity to the entire city.
biologicalScientists at the biological station were discovering new species every day.
favoriteMy favorite station is the one that plays my favorite songs.
loftyHe had risen to a lofty station in life through hard work and determination.
postThe post station was a bustling place with travelers coming and going.
tinyThe tiny station was nearly deserted.
atomicWe visited the atomic station on our trip to Japan.
policeThe police station was bustling with activity.

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