Adjectives for Stats

Adjectives For Stats

Discover the most accurate adjectives for stats, such as vital, social, individual, and activated. Our comprehensive guide offers insightful examples to enhance your understanding and usage of statistical descriptors. Perfect for students, professionals, and curious minds looking to articulate statistical concepts more effectively.

vitalThe patient's vital stats were recorded and analyzed.
socialI'm excited to see my social stats grow.
individualEach athlete has very strong individual stats
activatedThe activated stats on the dashboard provided valuable insights.
basicThe player's basic stats were impressive.
dateThe date stats for the project are promising.
medicalThe medical stats were alarming, indicating an urgent need for intervention.
latestHere are the latest stats on the global economy.
finalThe final stats were revealed yesterday.
moreI need some more stats to determine if this is a good investment.
impressiveThe player put up some impressive stats on the court last night.
phosphorylatedThe phosphorylated stats showed an increase in cell activity.
completeThe team with the complete stats won the game.
financialThe company's financial stats are impressive.
descriptiveThe researchers used descriptive stats to summarize the data.
betterI'll take the character with better stats
offensiveThe quarterback had some truly offensive stats this season.
recentExamining recent stats we found that online sales increased by 15%.
bestThis player has the best stats in the league.
officialThe official stats show that the team has won 10 games out of 15.
currentThe current stats are as follows: 20 wins, 10 losses, and 5 draws.
psychologicalThe psychological stats from the study showed a significant increase in anxiety levels.
overallThe overall stats for the team were impressive.
defensiveHis all-around play at the plate has been boosted by his excellent defensive stats in the outfield this year.
yearThe team's year stats have been impressive.
theoreticalThe theoretical stats of the new model seem promising.
mammalianThe mammalian stats were impressive, with an average height of 5 feet and a weight of 150 pounds.
biologicalScientists used biological stats to study the effects of the new drug.
inferentialInferential stats allow us to make inferences about a population based on a sample.
keyThe key stats for the project are as follows.
monthlyThe monthly stats show an increase in sales.
dailyI review my daily stats to track my progress.
weeklyI checked the weekly stats to see how the team was performing.
audioI need to check the audio stats before finalizing the audio file.
lesserThe lesser stats of the player meant he was unable to get a starting position.
detailedThe detailed stats for the game were released today.
helpData and help stats are provided in the ML training and inference services.
accurateThe company's marketing campaign yielded accurate stats on consumer engagement.
quickQuick stats reveal an increase in productivity.
identicalThe two cars have identical stats
fastThe team's fast stats were impressive.
minorThe team was disappointed with the minor stats for the game.
pressureThe pressure stats for the engine were within acceptable limits.
correspondingThe company's revenue increased by 15%, with corresponding stats showing a rise in customer satisfaction.
compareWe should compare stats on the latest video games.
dimerizedThe dimerized stats were not consistent with the expected results.
timeI'm sorry, I'm not sure what you mean by 'time stats'.
parametricParametric stats are used to analyze data that follows a normal distribution.
compThe police department released comp stats for the previous month.
lineThe line stats for the game are available on the website.
hawNow that I haw stats I can see that yesterday's game was a real nail-biter.
sizeThe size stats for the new product are impressive.
amazingThe team's amazing stats are due to their hard work and dedication.
advancedThe team used advanced stats to analyze their performance.

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