Adjectives for Status

Adjectives For Status

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing status, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'status' often carries with it a weight of implications, each shaded by the adjectives it's paired with. When we speak of 'social status,' we delve into the realm of societal position and prestige, while 'economic status' shifts the focus to financial standings. 'Legal status' introduces a sense of officialdom, legality, and recognition by law, diverging distinctly from the personal and relational nuances of 'marital status.' The compound term 'socioeconomic status' merges social and financial factors, offering a broader perspective on an individual's or group's standing. Understanding the 'current status' of anything means grasping its present condition or state. These nuances reveal the multidimensional nature of the word 'status' and highlight the importance of context. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives associated with 'status' below for a deeper insight.
socialThe social status of the family was very high.
economicA person's economic status can greatly influence their access to healthcare, education, and other resources.
legalThe legal status of same-sex marriage varies from country to country.
maritalWhat is your marital status?
socioeconomicStudents from different socioeconomic statuses have different educational opportunities.
currentHer current status is unknown.
nutritionalThe nutritional status of the population has improved significantly in recent years.
presentThe present status of the project is complete.
lowThe defendant was given a low status sentence.
specialThe company was granted special status by the government.
higherHe dresses to maintain his higher status among the community.
mentalThe mental status of the patient was normal.
equalAll citizens are entitled to equal status under the law.
occupationalShe changed her occupational status from working to unemployed.
lowerHe was once a high-ranking official, but now he is of lower status
professionalShe has maintained her professional status despite her personal setbacks.
financialShe has improved her financial status after getting into the new job.
officialThe new ambassador was granted official status
independentThe country had gained independent status in 1962.
functionalThere was a significant improvement in his functional status after the surgery.
privilegedThe student has a privileged status on campus.
moralThe moral status of artificial intelligence is a topic of ongoing debate.
ontologicalThe ontological status of the object was debated among the scholars.
clinicalThe patient's clinical status has remained stable over the past 24 hours.
relativeThe relative status of the two companies is not clear.
internationalThe university has achieved international status in recognition of its research and teaching excellence.
exemptThe executive board members have exempt status from the mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations for religious reasons.
educationalThe educational status of the participants was determined using the highest level of education attained.
futureOur future status depends on what our current state is.
permanentShe wanted to maintain her permanent status in the community.
superiorThe executive enjoyed superior status in the corporate hierarchy.
civilI need to update my civil status on my driver's license.
colonialThe Philippines gained independence from its colonial status in 1946.
constitutionalThe Supreme Court has ruled that the island of Puerto Rico has a constitutional status that is unique among the territories of the United States.
immuneA comprehensive assessment of an individual's immune status can provide valuable insights into their overall health.
uniqueIt is of unique status because it is the only overall health magazine that is written specifically for women over the age of 50.
formalThe formal status of the meeting was confirmed.
neurologicThe patient's neurologic status has remained stable since admission.
overallThe overall status of the project is still in progress.
baseAfter submitting his resignation to the CIA, his base status was reinstated.
respiratoryThe patient's respiratory status is stable.
developmentalDoctors will need to know your child's developmental status to monitor their progress.
autonomousThe autonomous status of the region has been a contentious issue for many years.
exactI would like to know the exact status of this order.
cognitiveThe patient's cognitive status is altered.
academicThe student's academic status is currently satisfactory.
ethnicI have been asked to provide information about my ethnic status
neurologicalThe patient's neurological status was assessed upon admission.
dependentThe dependent status of the child was determined to be ineligible.
sociometricThe sociometric status of the students was determined by their responses to a questionnaire.
parentalThe survey included questions on respondents' age, sex, race, income, parental status and marital status.
immigrantShe applied for a green card to change her immigrant status
elevatedThe speaker's elevated status allowed for a persuasive speech.
adultOnce the agreement was signed, he reached adult status
uncertainThe government's uncertain status made it difficult to negotiate with other countries.
exaltedThe queen's exalted status made her a target for many.
racialAccording to the Eighth Amendment to the Constitution, excessive bail may not be required, nor cruel and unusual punishment inflicted, and the rights of the accused are protected regardless of racial status

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