Adjectives for Steel

Adjectives For Steel

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing steel, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

In the world of construction and manufacturing, the term 'steel' evokes strength and durability. However, the nuances that different adjectives bring when paired with 'steel' can vastly alter its characteristics and applications. For instance, 'stainless steel' suggests a material resistant to rust and corrosion, making it ideal for kitchenware or medical instruments. 'Mild steel', on the other hand, is more malleable and suitable for bending into various shapes. 'Structural steel' highlights its importance in construction for providing foundational support. Each adjective, be it 'cold,' 'high,' or 'hardened,' nuances steel's properties, adapting it for specific functions and industries. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives associated with 'steel' and how they redefine its nature and usage below.
stainlessThe sink is made of stainless steel
mildThe mild steel was used to make the frame of the building.
structuralThe strong structural steel can support the weight of the building.
coldThe cold steel of the knife gleamed in the moonlight.
highThe construction workers labored high in the sky, working with high steel
hardenedThe blade was made of hardened steel impervious to normal wear and tear.
rolledThe building's frame was constructed from rolled steel
hardThey tempered the hard steel to create a strong and durable blade.
softThe soft steel was used to create the intricate sculpture.
polishedThe polished steel gleamed in the sunlight.
speedThe worker used speed steel to cut the metal pipes.
galvanizedThe galvanized steel is weather-resistant and durable.
austeniticAustenitic steel is a type of stainless steel that is non-magnetic.
lowThe low steel beams were used to construct the framework of the building.
ordinaryThe ordinary steel was used to build the bridge.
castThe steel used in the construction of the building is cast steel
temperedThe blade, made of tempered steel gleamed in the dim light.
finishedThe new building will be made of finished steel
hotThe blacksmith hammered away at the hot steel shaping it into a beautiful work of art.
plainThe plain steel was rusted and needed to be replaced.
solidThe door was made of solid steel
crudeThe company produces crude steel for the automotive industry.
basicThe company produces basic steel steel products, and steel wire.
hearthThe hearth steel was forged in a hot fire.
liquidThe blacksmith poured the molten liquid steel into the mold.
heavyThe heavy steel beams groaned under the weight of the building.
concreteThe concrete steel was used to reinforce the structure.
nickelThe old bridge made of nickel steel has now been replaced with a modern composite suspension bridge
alloyAlloy steel is a type of steel that is composed of iron, carbon, and one or more other elements.
thinThe thin steel was used to make the car's body.
gradeThe main differences between grade steel and low-grade steel are carbon content and mechanical properties.
fineThe knight's fine steel sword gleamed in the sunlight.
corrugatedThe dilapidated shack was covered in rusty corrugated steel
scrapThe factory recycled scrap steel to create new products.
coatedThe door was made of coated steel
blueShe gave me her best blue steel glare.
weldedThe welded steel structure has been designed to withstand the harsh weather conditions.
tubular"He is stretching a huge tubular steel before painting it."
inchThe metal beam was crafted from inch steel
sharpThe sharp steel blade sliced through the air with ease.
eutectoidEutectoid steel has a lamellar structure formed by the transformation of austenite at 727 degrees Celsius.
brightThe bright steel gleamed in the sunlight.
platedThe bridge was constructed using plated steel
longitudinalThe longitudinal steel bars provide extra strength to the concrete structure.
thickThe thick steel plate was strong enough to withstand the heavy impact.
rawThe raw steel was used to build the house.
resistantThe bridge was built using resistant steel
hardeningThe blacksmith was hardening steel by heating it and then cooling it rapidly
ferriticThe ferritic steel is a type of steel that is characterized by its high strength and toughness.
burnishedThe burnished steel gleamed in the sunlight.
wroughtThe wrought steel gates creaked open, revealing a secret garden.
flatThe flat steel was used to make the beam.
finestThe armor was forged from the finest steel
qualityThe new building was constructed with quality steel
cheapThe building was constructed with cheap steel
annealedThe annealed steel was then coated with a thin layer of zinc.
treatedThe treated steel was resistant to corrosion and wear.
twistedThe twisted steel beams of the collapsed building lay scattered across the ground.
electricThe electric steel furnace was about to be tapped.
verticalThe tall building has vertical steel beams.
bareThe bare steel of the bridge gleamed in the sunlight.
cladThe tank was clad steel to make it more durable.
shearThe knight's shear steel sword was the only thing between him and the snarling orc.
martensiticMartensitic steel is a kind of iron-based alloy that has been hardened by heat treatment.
tensileThe tensile steel used in the construction allows it to withstand extreme forces.
crucibleThe sword was made from high-quality crucible steel
manganeseManganese steel is an alloy of steel and manganese.
roundThe workers carried round steel beams to the construction site.
cleanThe new countertop was made from clean steel
drawnThe gleaming surface of the drawn steel reflected the faint light of the moon.
toughThe building was constructed with tough steel beams.
chromiumChromium steel is highly resistant to corrosion and can be used in a variety of applications.

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