Adjectives for Steering

Adjectives For Steering

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing steering, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe steering can significantly alter the nuance of your sentence, shedding light on the intricacy of the subject matter. Whether it's self-steering systems revolutionizing the way we navigate, the smooth control offered by power steering, the convenience of automatic steering, or the critical discussions around racial steering in communities, each term adds a layer of specificity and insight. Opt for careful steering to emphasize the precision needed in particular contexts, or pinion steering for a more technical aspect of mechanics. Dive into our comprehensive list below to explore the full range of adjectives paired with 'steering' and enhance your descriptive arsenal.
powerThe car's power steering made it easy to maneuver.
automaticThe new self-driving car has automatic steering which allows the car to steer itself without human input.
carefulThe captain guided the ship through the treacherous waters with careful steering
pinionThe airplane's pinion steering system allowed for precise maneuvering on the ground.
currentThe power stage is also characterized by a current steering function.
assistedThe car's assisted steering made it easy to navigate the winding roads.
manualThe car's manual steering was difficult to control on the slippery road.
electronicThe car's electronic steering system made it easy to maneuver in tight spaces.
handI prefer to use hand steering when driving on twisty roads.
badThe car's bad steering made it difficult to control on the highway.
hardDriving the old car was difficult because of its hard steering
hydraulicThe boat's hydraulic steering system made it easy to maneuver in tight spaces.
easyDriving became a breeze with the car's easy steering
centralThe car had a central steering wheel that was easy to use.
rearThe car's rear steering system allowed for greater maneuverability in tight spaces.
frontThe car has front steering which allows the driver to turn the front wheels.
democraticThe committee is using democratic steering to try to reach a compromise that will satisfy all members.
skilfulThe skilful steering of the ship guided it through the treacherous waters.
activeThe car's active steering system adjusts the alignment of the wheels while driving to improve handling and stability.
computationalComputational steering enables real-time interaction with a running simulation.
accurateThe car's accurate steering made it easy to navigate the winding roads.
null"Null steering" means your car is driving without any human input.
mechanicalThe car's mechanical steering system required frequent maintenance.
verticalThe adjustable vertical steering column allowed the driver to find the perfect position for comfort and control.
preciseThe car's precise steering allowed for a smooth and controlled drive.
directOur car has direct steering which gives the driver a better feel for the road.
effectiveThe car's effective steering made it easy to maneuver through tight spaces.
sensitiveThe car's sensitive steering and responsive handling made it a joy to drive on winding roads.
quickThe car's quick steering made it easy to navigate through the winding roads.
erraticThe car swerved and lurched with erratic steering
sternThe boat's stern steering was off-center, causing it to veer erratically.
betterMy new car has better steering than my old car.
poorThe car had poor steering making it difficult to control.
heavyDriving the old car was difficult due to its heavy steering
correctThe well-maintained truck had correct steering
electricThe car's electric steering system made it easy to maneuver through tight spaces.
governmentalThe proposed bill includes provisions for increased governmental steering of the economy.
adroitThe ship's adroit steering kept it on course despite the stormy sea.
horizontalThe driver's horizontal steering technique was impeccable.
fineThe spacecraft made a fine steering adjustment to avoid the approaching asteroid.
positiveThe positive steering of the car made it easy to maneuver through the narrow streets.
differentialThe tank's differential steering allowed it to turn quickly and easily.
typeThe type steering is used to reduce the understeer during cornering.
straightThe car's straight steering made it easy to drive.
actualDion raised his gloves, actual steering had to wait.
indirectThe car uses an indirect steering system to maneuver.
looseThe car's loose steering made driving down the winding road a dangerous challenge.
properThe race car maintained proper steering throughout the winding road.
hydrostaticThe boat's hydrostatic steering system allowed it to be maneuvered with ease.
speedUsing speed steering the car was able to maintain its trajectory even on slippery roads.
defectiveThe accident was caused by a defective steering system.
conventionalThe vehicle was equipped with conventional steering
overThe driver lost control of the car due to over steering
responsiveThe car's responsive steering made it a joy to drive around the winding roads.
downThe car's down steering caused it to swerve off the road.
faultyThe car accident was caused by faulty steering
interactiveThe car's interactive steering made for a truly immersive driving experience.
successfulThe company's successful steering through the recent economic crisis is a testament to its strong leadership.
orbitalThe satellite's orbital steering system kept it pointed towards Earth.
articulatedThe vehicle uses articulated steering to navigate tight corners.
lightThe car had incredibly light steering making it easy to maneuver in tight spaces.
tillerThe boat's tiller steering allows for easy maneuvering in tight spaces.
variableThe car's variable steering provided a comfortable and responsive driving experience.
remoteThe self-driving car utilized remote steering to navigate the winding roads.
automotiveThe car's automotive steering system allows for precise control of the vehicle's direction.
standardThe car has standard steering
controlledThe engineers implemented a controlled steering algorithm to ensure optimal vehicle stability during autonomous operation.
topographicTopographic steering refers to the influence of terrain features on the direction of airflow.
delicateThe delicate steering of the sports car allowed for smooth maneuvering through the winding roads.
optionalThe car's optional steering allows for a more customized driving experience.
electricalThe car's electrical steering system made it easy to maneuver in tight spaces.
safeThe boat has safe steering despite the rough sea.
neutralThe car's suspension was specially designed to provide neutral steering in all driving conditions.
nicestThe car had the nicest steering I've ever felt.
skillfulThe driver's skillful steering kept the car on the road despite the icy conditions.
carelessThe careless steering of the driver caused the car to swerve off the road.
slowThe car's slow steering made it difficult to maneuver through the tight corners.
perfectThe car's perfect steering made it a joy to drive.
incessantThe incessant steering of the driver made the passengers feel nauseous.
andpinionAndpinion steering allows for multiple methods of turning wheels

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