Adjectives for Steps

Adjectives For Steps

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing steps, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe steps can dramatically alter the perception of an action or a process. Terms like few and several imply different quantities, affecting the expected effort or duration. When we talk about the first steps, there’s a sense of beginning and initial challenge, while following steps suggests continuity. The necessary steps refer to essential actions required to achieve a goal, emphasizing importance and non-negotiability. The next steps point towards future actions, generating anticipation. Each adjective introduces a unique shade of meaning, painting a more vivid picture of the journey or process. Discover the full range of adjectives to describe steps and enrich your narratives below.
fewHe walked a few steps and stopped.
firstThe baby took his first steps yesterday.
followingFollow these following steps carefully.
severalTo complete the process, please follow these several steps
necessaryTaking the necessary steps is crucial for success.
nextWe will discuss the next steps with the team.
smallTake small steps to reach your goals.
frontMy feet pounded the front steps as I raced to answer the door.
variousThe process involves various steps
importantProcrastination is one of the most important steps in the creative process.
furtherWe will take further steps to ensure the safety of our customers.
basicFollow the basic steps to complete the process.
successiveEach of the successive steps in this new process is carefully designed to minimize the risk of failure.
majorThis project required some major steps in order to get the results.
initialThe initial steps towards success can often be the hardest.
immediateThe company has taken immediate steps to address the situation.
specificThe consultant laid out specific steps for the company to follow.
intermediateThe intermediate steps are not clear.
slowShe walked along at a pace of slow steps taking her time to enjoy the sights.
preliminaryThe preliminary steps were essential for completing the project successfully.
concreteWe need to take concrete steps to address the problem.
subsequentIn the subsequent steps we will review the documentation.
additionalShe took additional steps to ensure the project's success.
practicalWe need to take practical steps to address the problem.
shortThe toddler took short steps exploring the garden.
positiveWe've made positive steps towards our goal with each iteration.
quickShe climbed the stairs with quick steps
appropriateThe committee will discuss the appropriate steps to resolve the issue.
simpleFollow these simple steps to complete the task.
woodenI walked up the rickety wooden steps each one creaking under my weight.
activeShe took active steps to improve her health.
previousWe followed the previous steps and got the desired outcome.
essentialFollowing the three essential steps is important.
keyIdentify the key steps involved in the process to ensure a smooth workflow.
broadThe broad steps led up to the grand entrance of the palace.
reasonableThe project has taken reasonable steps to ensure that the AI system will be developed and deployed in a fair, responsible, and transparent manner.
tentativeShe took tentative steps towards the unknown, her heart pounding with both fear and anticipation.
discreteThe process was repeated in discrete steps until the desired result was achieved.
backWatch your step on the back steps
properTo ensure a successful outcome, it is essential to follow the proper steps
effectiveThe company took effective steps to mitigate the risks involved.
steepI climbed the steep steps to the top of the hill.
sequentialFollow the sequential steps to complete the process.
aboveFollow the above steps to complete the registration
logicalWe should take logical steps to ensure that our plans are successful.
distinctThe process was carried out in distinct steps
definiteFollow these definite steps to achieve your goals.
proceduralFollow the procedural steps to ensure proper execution.
drasticThe company took drastic steps to reduce costs.
progressiveThe team made progressive steps towards their goal.
decisiveHe took decisive steps towards his goal.
rapidShe approached me with rapid steps
easyFollow these easy steps to achieve your goals.
multipleThe process involved multiple steps
preparatoryThe preparatory steps for the project are underway.
extraThe cat cautiously approached the mouse, taking extra steps to avoid making any noise.
gradualThe process was completed over a period of gradual steps
giantThe astronauts descended down the spacecraft steps with giant steps and found themselves on the moon.
falteringThe elderly woman walked with faltering steps each movement a testament to the passage of time.
measuredHis measured steps echoed through the hallway.
precedingThe preceding steps were not properly followed.
incrementalWe can achieve our goals through incremental steps
narrowMy old house had narrow steps leading up to the second floor.
elementaryThe elementary steps of the process were carefully laid out.
consecutiveThe team took the championship two consecutive steps
hastyHe ran out the door with hasty steps
cautiousHe approached the edge of the cliff with cautious steps

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