Adjectives for Story

Adjectives For Story

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing story, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to pair with the word 'story' can dramatically alter its impact and perception. A 'whole' story implies completeness, offering a sense of closure. A 'short' story promises a concise yet potent narrative, ideal for those seeking a quick literary escape. Describing a story as 'same' might hint at redundancy or familiarity, potentially indicating a need for fresh narratives. The term 'old' evokes nostalgia and timelessness, inviting readers into worlds enriched by history and tradition. Conversely, a 'long' story suggests complexity and depth, appealing to those who relish detailed explorations. Lastly, an 'own' story adds a personalized touch, encouraging authenticity and individual perspectives. Discover the nuances each adjective brings to 'story' and explore the full list below to enhance your storytelling.
wholeThis is the whole story
shortThe short story was surprisingly captivating, leaving me eager for more.
sameIt's the same story over and over again.
oldThat's an old story
longIt's a long story but I'll tell you all about it sometime.
ownEveryone has their own story to tell.
goodThe novel is a good story
differentWe all have a different story to tell.
trueIt's a true story
secondI heard a noise coming from the second story
sadThe sad story she told me brought tears to my eyes.
fullThe full story of her life is yet to be written.
interestingHe told his daughter an interesting story about his childhood.
upperThey built an upper story addition onto the house.
realHe told me a very real story about his childhood.
entireThe entire story was fascinating.
originalThe original story was written by a famous author.
similarI have a similar story to tell you.
simpleI want to write a simple story
biblicalThe biblical story of David and Goliath is a classic example of the triumph of good over evil.
strangeThe strange story is told by a man who claims to have traveled to the future.
thirdThe man lived on the third story of the building.
completeThe complete story was finally revealed after years of speculation.
tragicThe tragic story of Romeo and Juliet has been told for centuries.
famousThe famous story enchants us.
familiarThe familiar story of the boy who cried wolf has been told for centuries.
wonderfulIt was a wonderful story full of adventure and excitement.
funnyI have a funny story to tell you.
fairyMy mom told me a magical fairy story
romanticThe romantic story of star-crossed lovers is a tale as old as time.
fascinatingI can't wait to read that fascinating story about the adventures of a young boy who discovers a lost city in the Amazon rainforest.
beautifulThe beautiful story touched the hearts of many.
amusingMy grandfather told me an amusing story about his childhood.
dramaticThe film depicted a dramatic story of love, loss, and redemption.
remarkableShe shared her remarkable story of overcoming adversity with the group.
curiousThe boy found a curious story in his grandfather's attic.
knownThe known story was about a brave knight who saved the princess from the dragon.
prettyI wish you a pretty story and a happy ending
classicThis is a classic story
favoriteMy favorite story is the one about the boy who cried wolf.
twoThe two story house had a beautiful view of the lake.
pageI'm reading an interesting page story about the history of the world.
charmingThe charming story captivated the audience with its wit and heartwarming plot.
insideThe journalist claims to know the inside story about the government's plans.
excitingThe exciting story kept her on the edge of her seat.
briefThe author penned a brief story about a young girl's adventures.
topThe top story on the news today is about the upcoming election.
extraordinaryAfter the war, he had an extraordinary story to tell.
terribleThe so-called book was just a terrible story
humorousMy grandfather's humorous story made me laugh so hard I nearly choked on my tea.
amazingI can't believe the amazing story I heard today.
complicatedWe all have a complicated story to tell.
coherentThe coherent story was narrated in such a way that the audience was immediately engaged.
delightfulThe delightful story brought a smile to my face.
incredibleThe incredible story captivated the audience with its intricate plot and unexpected twists.
thrillingThe thrilling story kept me on the edge of my seat.
fantasticThe fantastic story captivated the audience from beginning to end.
niceThat was a nice story

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