Adjectives for Street

Adjectives For Street

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing street, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a street can paint vivid pictures in the reader's mind, highlighting the street's character, its significance within its environment, and even its mood during different times of the day or seasons. Whether it's the main street bustling with activity, a narrow alleyway hinting at mystery and histories untold, the long stretch that seems to continue endlessly, or the busy roads pulsating with the rhythm of daily life, each adjective adds a unique shade to the narrative canvas. The careful selection of adjectives not only enriches descriptions but also invokes emotions and invites the audience into the scene being depicted. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that can transform your mention of a street into a more immersive experience.
mainThe bustling main street was filled with shops, restaurants, and people hurrying about.
narrowHe turned a corner and entered a narrow street
wayThis is a one-way street.
longThe long street stretched out before them, leading to the unknown.
secondMake a right on Second street
busyThe busy street was filled with cars and people.
quietThe quiet street was a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of the city.
thirdI'm going to the coffee shop on third street
highThere are many shops on the high street
darkThe dark street was lit only by the flickering lights of a few street lamps.
principalThe principal street of the town was wide and well-paved.
nextTurn right at the next street
wideThe car drove quickly through the wide street
broadThe broad street was filled with people and traffic.
publicThe man was walking down the public street
westTurn left onto West street and continue for two blocks.
fourthMy house is on the corner of Fourth street and Main street.
wholeThe whole street was blocked by the fallen tree.
seventhHe lives on Seventh street
emptyThe empty street was a ghost town after dark.
crowdedMy feet ached from the long walk down the crowded street
fifthAt fifth street she turned southbound on a leafy street.
ninthTake a left on ninth street
backI took a shortcut through the back street and got lost.
sixthTake a left on Sixth street
eastTurn left onto East street
16thI am going to 16th street later.
eighthTurn left at Eighth street and park in the lot on the right.
residentialThe car turned left onto the quiet residential street
dustyThe dusty street stretched out before them, its parched surface shimmering in the heat.
pavedI love walking on paved streets.
southI took a stroll down South street
steepThe steep street led up to the castle on the hill.
17thMake a right onto 17th street
cobbledThe cobbled street glistened in the rain.
linedThe sun shone brightly on the tree-lined street.
sideHe stealthily turned down the side street
theI walked down the street
endThe end street was a dead end.
14thThere's a great restaurant on 14th street
18thThe 18th street was closed due to a gas leak.
frontI walked down Front street looking for the old bookstore.
20thThe bus stop on 20th street is always crowded.
oppositeThe traffic on the opposite street is chaotic.
125th"Hey, let's go to the 125th street Festival this weekend!"
6thI went to 6th street to pick up a package.
19thTurn left on 19th street
5thI love walking down 5th street
silentThe silent street echoed with the sound of her footsteps.
nearbyThat's a nice view from the nearby street
northTurn left onto North street
muddyThe muddy street was a reminder of the recent storm.
straightThe long, straight street stretched out before us.
suburbanThere were no cars parked on the suburban street
fashionableThe fashionable street was full of people dressed in the latest trends.
desertedThe deserted street was eerily silent, with only the wind rustling through the leaves.
dirtyThe dirty street was filled with litter and debris.
57thTake the N train to 57th street and walk six blocks west.
famousThe famous street was renowned for its lively atmosphere and vibrant nightlife.
noisyThe noisy street was filled with the sound of cars and people.
chesterI live on Chester street
24thThe party is on 24th street
34thThe Empire State Building is located on 34th street in New York City.
wetThe storm left a wet street and trees littered with leaves.
easyI'm living on easy street now that I've won the lottery.
grubThe Grub street Journal was a satirical weekly magazine published in London from 1730 to 1737.
unpavedThe unpaved street was difficult to navigate.
sunnyThe children played happily on the sunny street
10thTurn left onto 10th street
crookedThe winding, crooked street led to an alleyway that was hidden from the main road.
pedestrianThe pedestrian street was crowded with shoppers and tourists.
familiarI walked down the familiar street feeling a sense of nostalgia.

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