Adjectives for Strength

Adjectives For Strength

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing strength, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'strength' often conjures images of power and resilience, but the nuances that different adjectives bring can paint a much broader picture. For instance, 'great strength' evokes an idea of immense capability, while 'physical strength' shifts the focus to bodily power. 'Own strength' suggests a personal, perhaps introspective, quality of power, whereas 'high strength' and 'full strength' hint at peak conditions. Not to forget, 'military strength', which directs the mind to national defense capabilities. Each adjective not only modifies but also enriches our understanding of strength in varied contexts. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives paired with 'strength' to appreciate the depth and versatility of this powerful noun.
greatHe possessed great strength and determination
physicalThe knight demonstrated his physical strength by lifting a heavy boulder with ease.
ownI relied on my own strength to overcome the challenges.
highThe new material has a high strength to weight ratio.
fullThe old man was working at full strength
militaryThe nation's military strength has been improving steadily.
ionicThe ionic strength of the solution is 0.1 M.
compressiveThe material's compressive strength is 200 N/mm2.
relativeThe relative strength of the two armies was roughly equal.
greaterWith greater strength comes greater responsibility.
ultimateThe material's ultimate strength exceeded all expectations.
sufficientThe rope was of sufficient strength to hold the weight.
economicThe country continues to grow in economic strength
mechanicalThe mechanical strength of the material was tested under various conditions.
numericalThe numerical strength of the army was 10,000.
totalI was really impressed by the team's total strength
innerHer inner strength was evident in the way she faced adversity.
muscularThe athlete's muscular strength was evident in their powerful performance.
greatestEndurance is their greatest strength
realReal strength lies in resilience and perseverance.
lowThe low strength of the material made it unsuitable for the application.
moralShe had the moral strength to stand up for what she believed in.
maximumThe maximum strength of the medicine is 1000mg.
equalThey both displayed equal strength in the contest.
superiorThe hero charged into battle with superior strength
enoughMy legs didn't have enough strength to carry me any longer.
considerableThe old oak tree stood with considerable strength its branches reaching out like gnarled arms.
shearThe shear strength of the adhesive bond was measured using a tensile test.
spiritualHer spiritual strength allowed her to overcome adversity and find peace within herself.
financialThe company's financial strength is a major factor in its success.
tensileThe metal's tensile strength was measured to be 1000 MPa.
higherThe wires used in the project are of higher strength
magneticThe magnet had surprising magnetic strength
dielectricThe dielectric strength of air is 3 MV/m.
averageThe average strength of the team was not enough to win the championship.
navalThe United States maintains a strong naval strength in the Pacific Ocean.
additionalHer team benefited from her additional strength which helped them secure the victory.
currentThe current strength of the river is too strong for me to swim across.
electricThe electric strength of the material is the maximum electric field that can be applied to it without causing it to break down.
signalThe signal strength of my phone is weak.
effectiveThe effective strength of the team was insufficient to win the game.
adequateThe ropes supporting the bridge were of adequate strength
structuralThe building's structural strength was compromised by the earthquake.
enormousThe superhero emerged from the rubble, his enormous strength undeniable.
necessaryThe necessary strength to overcome the obstacle was found deep within.
extraordinaryWith extraordinary strength he lifted the heavy weight over his head.
extraThe extra strength pain reliever worked wonders on my headache.
minimumPlease enter the minimum strength for this new password.
potentialThe rusty sword showed great potential strength
concreteThe concrete strength has been tested and found to be adequate.
lessThe old man walked with less strength than before.
overallThe recruit's overall strength was concerning.
unitedIn moments of crisis, united strength prevails.
immenseShe displayed immense strength after the tragedy.
inherentWithin her was an inherent strength that would not be denied.
sheerThe sheer strength of the storm uprooted centuries-old trees.
superhumanThe superhero lifted the car with superhuman strength
residualDespite the damage, the structure still had some residual strength
intellectualHis intellectual strength was evident in his thoughtful analysis and nuanced arguments.
unusualThe ancient tree stood firm against the storm with unusual strength
flexural"The flexural strength of a material is its ability to resist bending forces."
comparativeThe new material exhibits comparative strength to steel.
tremendousThe warrior's tremendous strength was unmatched in the entire kingdom.
competitiveThe company's competitive strength lies in its innovative products.
overwhelmingThe hero vanquished his foe with overwhelming strength
staticThe static strength of a material is its ability to withstand a constant load without breaking.
meanThe mean strength of the three men was 100 pounds.

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