Adjectives for String

Adjectives For String

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing string, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word string carries a simplistic beauty, yet when paired with adjectives, it blossoms into a myriad of complex meanings and visual imageries. A long string conjures the image of endless possibilities, stretching beyond the horizon, while an empty string whispers tales of untold emptiness or potential beginnings. The adjective second with string can hint at choices, chances, or sequencing, subtly shifting its narrative. A single string might symbolize simplicity, singularity, or the crucial link in a connection. The whole string suggests completeness, indivisibility, or purity. On the other hand, a public string might invoke concepts of openness, accessibility, or communal ownership. Each adjective unveils a new shade of meaning, inviting readers to explore the full spectrum of adjectives used with string below.
longI have a long string of text that I need to process.
secondThe second string quarterback led the team to an unexpected victory.
singleThe guitarist played a beautiful melody on a single string
wholeThe whole string is outputted in the JSON object.
publicpublic string sentence.
openA guitarist replaced an open string on his guitar that had been broken in performance.
stretchedThe stretched string vibrated with a high-pitched note.
entireThe entire string is a palindrome
navelBaby chicks hatch and use their navel string to get out of the egg.
originalThe original string is the string that was input at the beginning.
shortThis is a short string
redThe red string wound around the package like a festive ribbon.
thirdThe third string player got his chance to start.
thinThe thin string snapped under the pressure.
endlessThe endless string of tasks seemed to taunt her.
privateThe lawyer warned his client to keep the private string confidential.
elasticThe elastic string was stretched to its limit.
tautThe taut string snapped abruptly, startling the audience.
fineThe fine string shimmered in the sunlight.
literalJSON is a literal string in JavaScript.
continuousThe continuous string of characters flowed effortlessly from her pen.
bitThe bit string is a sequence of 0s and 1s.
lightThe light string twinkled merrily along the banister.
terminalA terminal string is a type of special string.
randomThis random string is a sequence of characters that is not meaningful on its own.
heavyThe heavy string was difficult to lift.
brokenThe broken string snapped back with a sharp sound.
pluckedA plucked string sets the air around it to vibrate, producing a sound that can be heard.
unbrokenThe unbroken string of victories continued with the latest triumph.
latchPull the latch string and come right in.
doubleThe double string was tied around the box.
longerThe longer string was too long to fit on one line.
sixThe guitarist strummed the six string
twelveI have a twelve string guitar that I use to play folk songs.
longestSearching over the longest string to summarize it
fourthThe fourth string on the guitar was out of tune.
harpThe delicate harp string vibrated with an ethereal melody.
mereThe mere string of words could not express the depth of her emotions.
inextensibleThe inextensible string snapped when the weight was hoisted up.
uniqueEvery unique string of English letters can be represented as a binary number.
arbitraryThe arbitrary string is 'Hello, world!'
thickThe thick string was perfect for tying up the box.
closedThe closed string was tightly bound around the package.
flexibleThe flexible string swayed in the wind.
fifthThe dobro has a fifth string
silkenThe silken string shimmered in the sunlight.
digitThe digit string '12345' represents the number twelve thousand three hundred forty-five.
heteroticThe heterotic string is one of the five superstring theories.
twoPlaying the two string bass.
invisibleThe invisible string connecting us was undeniable.
oneHe only had one string on his guitar.
shorterHere is a shorter string
fourThe bassist plucked at the four strings of his guitar.
correspondingThe corresponding string is Hello
lowestWith a guitar, the lowest string is the sixth string.
validPlenty of examples of valid strings exist.
looseI noticed a loose string on my shirt and snipped it off.
leadingHe was holding a leading string attached to a horse.
encodedThe encoded string contained important information that was only accessible with the right key.
numericThe numeric string '123' represents the number one hundred and twenty-three.
topThe top string of the guitar was snapped.
linearThe linear string of characters is a data structure that is used to store and manipulate text.
alphanumericThe alphanumeric string provides a convenient way to represent both letters and numbers.

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