Adjectives for Structure

Adjectives For Structure

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing structure, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a structure can illuminate its role and purpose in various contexts. A social structure delves into how society is organized, suggesting complexity and interconnectivity. An organizational structure, on the other hand, outlines the hierarchy and workflow within corporations, emphasizing efficiency and order. Speaking of an internal structure invites an introspective look into the composition that defines an entity's very essence. The term basic structure suggests fundamental, unembellished components, while an economic structure focuses on the financial underpinnings that steer economies. Each adjective chosen opens a narrative window, hinting at the vast, multifaceted nature of structures. Dive deeper to explore the wide array of adjectives that further delineate the intriguing aspects of structures.
socialSocial structure is the system of relationships among individuals or groups that influence how they interact with each other.
organizationalThe company's organizational structure consists of several departments, each with its own responsibilities.
internalThe internal structure of the Earth is layered.
economicThe country's economic structure is based on agriculture and tourism.
wholeThe whole structure was carefully engineered.
politicalThe political structure of the country is a complex one.
fineThe fine structure constant is a dimensionless physical constant that relates the strength of the electromagnetic force to the other fundamental forces.
crystalThe crystal structure of a material determines its physical properties.
hierarchicalThe company's hierarchical structure allowed for clear lines of communication and decision-making.
molecularThe molecular structure of a compound determines its properties.
formalThe formal structure of this sentence is evident in its adherence to traditional grammatical conventions.
entireThe entire structure of the building was designed to withstand earthquakes.
physicalThe physical structure of the building was not damaged.
overall"Overall structure determined the propensity of the D1 receptor to stimulate the G protein, but the localized, membrane-associated conformational state defined the bias toward ERK or arrestin recruitment."
industrialThe industrial structure of the city has undergone a significant transformation in recent years.
administrativeThe administrative structure of the company is very rigid.
institutionalThe institutional structure of the organization was designed to ensure transparency and accountability.
logicalThe logical structure of the sentence is important for understanding its meaning.
primaryThe primary structure of a protein refers to the linear sequence of amino acids.
dimensionalThe dimensional structure of the universe is still a mystery to scientists.
secondaryThe secondary structure of a protein is its three-dimensional structure determined by its amino acid sequence.
electronicThe electronic structure of a material determines its physical and chemical properties.
underlyingThe underlying structure of the building was severely damaged by the earthquake.
atomicThe atomic structure of a material determines its physical and chemical properties.
financialThe financial structure of the company is complex.
crystallineThe mineral quartz has a crystalline structure that is composed of silicon and oxygen atoms.
occupationalIn recent years, the occupational structure of the workforce has undergone significant changes.
spatialThe spatial structure of the city is characterized by its compact, concentric layout.
syntacticThe syntactic structure of a sentence is the arrangement of its words and phrases.
corporateThe corporate structure of the company was designed to minimize taxes.
rigidThe building had a rigid structure that made it resistant to earthquakes.
cognitiveThe cognitive structure of the human mind is complex and dynamic.
organisationalThe company's organisational structure is designed to promote efficiency and collaboration.
federalThe federal structure of the United States allows for a balance of power between the national government and the individual states.
cellularThe cellular structure of the plant is complex and fascinating.
typicalThe typical structure of a sentence includes a subject, a verb, and an object.
conceptualThis conceptual structure underlies the representation and processing of information in the brain.
woodenThe wooden structure creaked and groaned in the wind.
innerThe inner structure of the building was designed to promote a sense of community.
geologicalThe geological structure of the region is complex, with many faults and folds.
governmentalThe federal government is a governmental structure that allocates power among central and regional authorities.
linguisticThe linguistic structure of the essay was complex and sophisticated.
stableThe building had a very stable structure and could withstand strong earthquakes.
geneticThe genetic structure of a population can be influenced by many factors, including gene flow, genetic drift, and natural selection.
anatomicalThe anatomical structure of the bone is very complex.
storyThe story structure consists of exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution.
tertiaryThe tertiary structure of a protein refers to its three-dimensional arrangement.
organicThe organic structure of the company was based on a hierarchical model.
concreteThe concrete structure of the building was strong enough to withstand the earthquake.
verticalThe vertical structure of the building was designed to withstand strong winds.
bureaucraticThe company's bureaucratic structure made it difficult to adapt to changing market conditions.
peculiarThe peculiar structure of the building caught the eye of every passerby.
uniqueThe building has a unique structure that is unlike any other in the city.
solidThe bridge rests on a solid structure
shapedThe elaborately shaped structure of the ancient building was a testament to the skill of its creators.
nuclearThe nuclear structure of an atom is described by the number of protons and neutrons in its nucleus.
microscopicElectrons are studied by their microscopic structure
functionalThe functional structure of the protein has been elucidated.

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