Adjectives for Studies

Adjectives For Studies

Discover the most fitting adjectives for 'studies' in our comprehensive guide. From 'recent' to 'social', we explore a variety of descriptors, each illuminated with a sentence. Perfect for enhancing your academic writing or enriching your vocabulary, our list includes 'several', 'few', and more. Dive into the nuanced world of adjectives for studies today.

recentRecent studies show that the effectiveness of a vaccine wanes over time.
severalSeveral studies have shown that the new drug is effective in treating cancer.
fewFew studies have investigated this topic.
socialSocial studies courses explore our history, culture, and geography.
furtherI am planning to complete my further studies in the UK.
comparativeComparative studies have shown that the rates of crime in urban areas are higher than those in rural areas.
mostMost studies show a positive correlation between exercise and health.
previousMany previous studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of this treatment.
experimentalExperimental studies have shown that meditation can reduce stress and improve sleep.
clinicalClinical studies have demonstrated the efficacy and safety of this treatment.
empiricalThe empirical studies corroborated our hypothesis.
numerousNumerous studies have shown the benefits of exercise for both physical and mental health.
culturalCultural studies examines the historical and contemporary processes that create and sustain cultural phenomena.
earlyEarly studies have shown that the drug is effective in treating the disease.
earlierEarlier studies suggested positive effects on immune function.
detailedScientists conducted detailed studies on the effects of pollution.
historicalHistorical studies shed light on the past, revealing patterns and lessons that can inform actions in the present and future.
controlledThe controlled studies have shown that the new drug is effective in treating the disease.
longitudinalLongitudinal studies are research projects that follow individuals over time to study changes in their health, behavior, or other characteristics.
epidemiologicalRecent epidemiological studies provide evidence of a decrease in the incidence of this condition.
subsequentI was happy to see that subsequent studies had supported this hypothesis.
extensiveExtensive studies have shown that regular exercise can improve cardiovascular health.
scientificScientific studies have shown that exposure to certain chemicals can lead to health problems.
additionalThe price increase of 10% was based on additional studies that showed increased production costs.
geneticGenetic studies have revealed valuable insights into the causes of heart disease.
futureFuture studies is also useful in predicting possible future events.
prospectiveProspective studies are conducted to investigate potential risk factors and outcomes associated with a particular exposure.
criticalThe critical studies program at the university examined the social and political implications of various cultural phenomena.
quantitativeQuantitative studies have provided valuable insights into the relationship between socioeconomic status and health.
literaryLiterary studies is an academic discipline concerned with the study of literature.
termThe term studies a variety of topics related to the discipline.
theoreticalThe theoretical studies on this topic are still in their early stages.
preliminaryPreliminary studies suggest that the new drug may be effective in treating cancer.
classicalShe loved classical studies and philosophy.
initialInitial studies indicate that the new drug is safe and effective.
theologicalI'm sorry, but I can't write a short sentence with "theological studies".
epidemiologicMany epidemiologic studies have suggested that air pollution may play an important role in the development of respiratory diseases.
systematicThe systematic studies of the team will be presented tomorrow.
biochemicalDetailed biochemical studies indicate notable differences in the compositions of the structures within the dorsal root ganglion.
microscopicMicroscopic studies have helped us understand the intricate details of cellular structures.
observationalObservational studies have provided valuable insights into the relationship between smoking and lung cancer.
rayThe student's ray studies were focused on the impact of light on different surfaces.
carefulWe made careful studies to find the solution.
psychologicalThe psychological studies conducted by the university provided valuable insights into the behavior of the participants.
biblicalBob loved to read biblical studies
diagnosticAfter carefully reviewing all of the diagnostic studies the radiologist made the diagnosis of pulmonary embolism.
academicLongitudinal academic studies have shown that it is beneficial for kids to play outside.
asianAsian studies is an interdisciplinary field that examines the history, culture, politics, and economics of Asia.
statisticalNumerous statistical studies have shown that regular exercise can reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes.
environmentalStudents majored in environmental studies to learn about different aspects of the environment.
sociologicalSociological studies show that social class has a significant impact on life chances.
sectionalThe researchers conducted sectional studies to investigate the prevalence of the condition in different age groups.
ecologicalEcological studies investigate the interactions between organisms and their environment.
africanHe has a specialization in African studies
anthropologicalAnthropological studies have provided valuable insights into the diversity of human cultures and societies.
structuralThe structural studies showed that the protein had a novel fold.
retrospectiveThe researchers conducted retrospective studies to evaluate the long-term outcomes of the patients.
regionalI am studying regional studies
basedThe research team based studies on the results of previous experiments.
animalAnimal studies have shown that exposure to certain chemicals can lead to birth defects.
qualitativeQualitative studies aim to explore the subjective experiences of participants and gain an in-depth understanding of their perspectives.
physiologicalResearchers have conducted extensive physiological studies on the effects of nicotine on the cardiovascular system.
philosophicalI'm pursuing philosophical studies to gain a deeper understanding of the world and our place in it.
descriptiveThe descriptive studies of the region are based on the data collected from the field.
functionalResearch focused on functional studies can be used to identify and evaluate characteristics and behaviors of systems.
aboveAbove studies suggest that the results obtained from the meta-analysis deserve more detailed discussion.
kineticKinetic studies confirm the mechanism of the reaction.
molecularMolecular studies have revealed the genetic basis of many human diseases.

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