Adjectives for Study

Adjectives For Study

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing study, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Using adjectives with the noun 'study' can significantly alter the meaning, giving readers insight into the type, scope, or quality of the study. A 'present study' suggests current findings, whereas a 'comparative study' implies looking at differences between groups. 'Recent study' highlights the timeliness of the research, while 'further study' indicates areas where more investigation is needed. The adjectives 'careful' and 'detailed' emphasize the meticulous nature of the research process. Each adjective nuances the noun 'study' in a way that can deeply affect the reader's understanding of the text. Explore the full list of adjectives used with 'study' to grasp the wide range of interpretations and applications.
presentThe present study suggests that a small group of patients experience a significant benefit from the new treatment.
comparativeStudents conducted a comparative study to analyze the effectiveness of different teaching methods.
recentA recent study indicates that the economy is improving.
furtherAdditional research and further study are necessary to validate these findings.
carefulCareful study is essential for success.
detailedThe detailed study of the ancient text revealed a hidden meaning.
prospectiveThe prospective study investigated the relationship between diet and heart disease.
experimentalThe experimental study of the effects of the drug showed promising results.
longitudinalThe longitudinal study examined the effects of stress on health over time.
scientificThe scientific study of human behavior is called psychology.
clinicalThe clinical study was conducted in accordance with the Declaration of Helsinki.
systematicThe systematic study of human behavior and mental processes is known as psychology.
controlledThe controlled study showed that the new drug was more effective than the old one.
thoroughThe thorough study of ancient history provided valuable insights into the evolution of human society.
comprehensiveThe comprehensive study investigated the effects of different teaching methods on student achievement.
intensiveThe intensive study of the subject made me an expert in the field.
specialThe special study focused on the impact of social media on political discourse.
preliminaryThe preliminary study showed that the new drug was effective in treating the disease.
historicalThe historical study of the Roman Empire has been a popular topic for centuries.
empiricalAn empirical study was conducted to investigate the effects.
criticalShe carries on this critical study in the second part of the book, exploring the ways in which one important aspect of this 'romance' genre is instantiated in particular texts.
extensiveScientists conducted an extensive study on the effects of climate change.
blindThis was the first randomized, double-blind study to compare results of the 2 techniques in horses.
seriousHer serious study of the law earned her a place in the firm.
interestingThe interesting study revealed that regular exercise can improve cognitive function.
randomizedThe randomized study was conducted with 100 participants.
microscopicA microscopic study of the cells revealed their unique structure.
closeThe close study of the data revealed a clear trend.
independentAn independent study was conducted to assess the effectiveness of different teaching methods.
previousThe previous study found that the intervention was effective in reducing anxiety.
classicThe classic study by Smith and Jones (1999) found that...
earlierAn earlier study had also revealed similar results.
quantitativeThe quantitative study analyzed the data from a survey of 1,000 people.
retrospectiveThe retrospective study analyzed the effects of the intervention on patient outcomes.
controlThe control study found no statistically significant difference between the two treatment groups.
excellentHe received an excellent study with a perfect score in all subjects.
psychologicalThe psychological study focused on the impact of social media on mental health.
exploratoryThis is just an exploratory study
graduateHe pursued graduate study in mechanical engineering.
exhaustiveThe exhaustive study provided comprehensive information on the subject.
academicThe academic study of history is essential for understanding the present.
termThe term study was very difficult.
statisticalThe statistical study revealed that the new treatment was more effective than the old one.
subsequentThe subsequent study confirmed the findings of the initial research.
laterTo make our calculation more precise, we should correct it based on the later study
theoreticalThe primary objective of this theoretical study is to improve our understanding of the intricate interplay between these factors, ultimately leading to more effective decision-making for sustainable development.
clinicopathologicThe clinicopathologic study included 100 patients with a diagnosis of lung cancer.
sociologicalA sociological study found that poverty was a major factor in the rise of crime.
depthThe depth study of the ancient ruins revealed a rich and complex history.
advancedStudents hoping to enhance their understanding of the subject opted for advanced study
epidemiologicalThe epidemiological study found a strong correlation between smoking and heart disease.
caseWe conducted a case study to investigate the efficacy of the new treatment.
qualitativeConducting a qualitative study allowed the researchers to deeply understand the participants' experiences and perspectives.
timeThe industrial engineer conducted a time study to optimize the assembly process.
psychoanalyticThe psychoanalytic study of the patient's dreams revealed deep-seated conflicts and traumas.
closerA closer study of the evidence revealed new insights.
sectionalThe sectional study of the geological strata revealed the presence of multiple distinct layers.
briefI did a brief study to refresh my memory before the test.
observationalThe observational study found that people who ate a diet high in fruits and vegetables had a lower risk of heart disease.
ethnographicThe ethnographic study focused on the social and cultural practices of the community.
ultrastructuralThe ultrastructural study revealed the presence of numerous mitochondria and endoplasmic reticulum within the cells.
fascinatingThey published a fascinating study about the effects of climate change.

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