Adjectives for Stuff

Adjectives For Stuff

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing stuff, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe stuff can greatly influence the perception of your message. Whether it's good stuff that evokes a sense of quality, such stuff that highlights variety, old stuff that brings a vintage charm, or real stuff that guarantees authenticity, every adjective adds a unique flavor. Describing something as very or more intensifies the connection, making the noun not just stuff, but an experience. Discover how different adjectives unravel the multifaceted nature of stuff, offering readers a deeper insight into what you're describing. See the full spectrum of adjectives paired with ‘stuff’ below to explore the endless possibilities.
good"Good stuff right there!" exclaimed the excited fan.
suchOur lives are such stuff as dreams are made on.
oldMy grandma loves to collect old stuff
realI'm not interested in the real stuff I want the fantasy.
veryThis is a very stuff sentence.
moreI have more stuff than I need.
rightThey hired him because he had the right stuff
muchHe has much stuff in his room.
sternerHe is made of sterner stuff and is unlikely to give up in the face of hardship.
badI'm not sure what you're talking about, but I'm not interested in bad stuff
whiteThe white stuff on the ground was actually frozen rain.
greenI almost slipped on the green stuff on the sidewalk.
heavyThe firefighters carried heavy stuff through the smoke-filled hall.
hardShe had been through a lot of hard stuff in her life.
roughI've been through a lot of rough stuff in my life, but I always manage to come out stronger.
bigI'm not sure what you mean by 'big stuff', but it sounds important.
blackThe black stuff stained her hands.
headyThe book was heady stuff deeply philosophical and complex.
usualIt's the usual stuff nothing out of the ordinary.
strongThe captain told his crew that the coffee was too strong stuff
basicHer cold made her forget even the basic stuff
seriousShe thought it was serious stuff even if it wasn't.
mindThe mind stuff the substance of sentience, is one of nature's greatest mysteries.
fineThis is some fine stuff
redThe red stuff on her lips was lipstick.
funnyMy uncle always tells us some funny stuff during our family gatherings.
betterI need to buy some better stuff for my house.
nastyI don't want to get involved in that nasty stuff
dyeThe dye stuff is used to color the fabric.
weirdI have seen some weird stuff around here.
coarseThe coarse stuff just scratched the surface.
cheapI don't like to buy cheap stuff
interestingI like to read interesting stuff
enoughWe have enough stuff to start the project.
sweetMy grandmother spoiled me with sweet stuff every time I visited.
crazyI heard about the crazy stuff that happened last night.
coolI really like the cool stuff you have.
powerfulThat was some powerful stuff
rawThe raw stuff of an artist's work is his life experiences.
stickyDon't touch that sticky stuff
fancyI don't need any fancy stuff just the basics will do.
thinI need some thin stuff to cover the wound.
sillyMy brother did silly stuff that made everyone laugh.
wonderfulThis wonderful stuff is really lovely.
blueThe sky is a beautiful blue stuff
brownThe dog tracked brown stuff all over the carpet.
yellowI didn't like the yellow stuff on my plate.
toughThis tough stuff is really difficult to chew.
technicalThe technical stuff was too complex for me to understand.
preciousShe kept her precious stuff in a safe place.
thickThe thick stuff was too much for him to handle.
awfulShe was always worried about awful stuff killer bees, the Ebola virus, and poisonous plants.
lightThis light stuff is easy to carry.
strangeI've seen some strange stuff in my life.
sternThe old pirate was made of stern stuff
solidThat was solid stuff
dangerousKeep away from children; this is dangerous stuff
dryHe prefers dry stuff
niceThat is some nice stuff you have there.
wretchedThe prospect of going to work and enduring that wretched stuff all day was unbearable.
richLife is rich stuff and very few of us have the courage to go after the richest of it.
perilousStay away from that perilous stuff
routine*Yawning* Just the usual *Stretching* routine stuff
vileThe vile stuff seeped from the wound, infecting the surrounding flesh.
neatI love collecting neat stuff
sadThe movie had some really sad stuff in it.
scaryMy heart was pounding with fear as I watched the scary stuff on the screen.
easyI'm sorry, I need some more information to generate easy stuff
expensiveMy bank account is not prepared for these expensive stuff
horribleThe horrible stuff he said made my ears bleed.
dirtyI'm afraid to clean the dirty stuff in my room.
strongerThis mix is a lot stronger stuff than I usually take.
excitingWe have exciting stuff lined up for this year!
extraI am a sentence with extra stuff

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