Adjectives for Style

Adjectives For Style

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing style, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe style can significantly impact the perception of your subject. Whether highlighting the new fashion trends that captivate the masses, embracing one's own unique sense of aesthetics, venerating the old and timeless designs that have shaped cultures, delving into the detailed intricacies of literary styles that enchant readers, expressing a personal touch that makes each creation distinct, or exploring the dark and mysterious allure of the Gothic aesthetic, each adjective opens a different door to understanding and appreciation. To explore the full spectrum of adjectives that can precede 'style' and the rich contexts they bring, continue reading below.
newHer new style was both chic and comfortable.
literaryThe profound literary style of her prose captivated the minds of readers, immersing them in a world of evocative imagery and incisive insights.
personalHer personal style was bold and eclectic.
gothicThe old mansion was built in a gothic style with pointed arches and stained-glass windows.
particularThis sentence has a particular style
grandThe president strutted into the grand hall with his entourage in grand style
englishSome of the gentlemen in the room spoke in a very public school English style
classicalThe grandeur of the classical style architecture was breathtaking.
traditionalMy grandmother decorated the living room in a traditional style
simpleHer simple style is admirable.
architecturalThe building's architectural style is a mix of Gothic and Renaissance.
modernThe modern style of the apartment was evident in the sleek lines and open floor plan.
cognitiveThe researcher measured cognitive style using a standardized test.
usualThe usual style is formal and polite.
distinctiveHer distinctive style drew everyone's attention.
trueElegance exudes from every minutiae of her attire, a testament to her true style
frenchI love the french style of cooking.
musicalThis musical style is very popular in our country.
uniqueShe had a unique style that set her apart from the crowd.
italianLet's prepare a delicious meal with an authentic Italian style
popularKnitting is a popular style of garment creation.
baroqueThe elaborate facade of the church was adorned with intricate carvings and sculptures in the baroque style
europeanThe restaurant serves traditional European style cuisine.
classicThe room's classic style was evident in its elegant furniture and antique decor.
fineHe played the piano in fine style
westernThe cowboy wore western style boots and a hat.
peculiarThe jester's peculiar style of humor kept the king amused for hours.
characteristicShe wore her characteristic style a long flowing skirt and a peasant blouse.
japaneseThe restaurant had a traditional japanese style
plainThis is a plain style sentence.
chineseThe chinese style painting is very beautiful.
elegantHer elegant style was a reflection of her inner beauty.
typicalShe always dresses in her typical style
romanesqueThe romanesque style is a style of architecture that originated in Europe in the 11th century.
visualThe unique visual style of the film drew praise from critics.
rhetoricalThe eloquent politician employed rhetorical style to persuade his audience.
romanThis is the beautiful roman style sentence.
artisticThe artist used an innovative artistic style to express her emotions.
familiarMy friend wore her familiar style with confidence.
spanishShe decorated the room in a spanish style
byzantineThe intricate mosaics and soaring domes of the Hagia Sophia represent a magnificent example of byzantine style
centuryThe grand Victorian mansion stood majestically with its intricate century style architecture.
latestShe was dressed in the latest style
matureHer innate elegance emanated from a refined and mature style
contemporaryHer contemporary style home was filled with sleek lines and modern furnishings.
floridHis florid style of writing was characterized by its excessive ornamentation and convoluted syntax.
preferredHer preferred style of music was folk.
realisticThe realistic style of the painting captured the true essence of the subject.

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