Adjectives for Subject

Adjectives For Subject

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing subject, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a subject can subtly alter its meaning and emphasize various aspects, from its relevance ('important subject') to its universality ('whole subject'). The adjective can narrow down the context, highlighting whether we're discussing a 'particular subject,' reflect on its nature ('human subject'), or even its origin ('British subject'). Each adjective opens a gateway to understanding the subject in nuanced, often profoundly different ways. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that can enrich your dialogue about subjects below, and find the perfect match to convey your exact thoughts and feelings.
sameThe boy and the girl have the same subject
wholeThe whole subject is important.
importantThe important subject was discussed yesterday.
particularStudying a particular subject can broaden our perspectives.
humanThe experiment involved 30 human subjects.
britishShe was a British subject who had lived in India for many years.
mainThe main subject of the sentence is 'love'.
interestingMy science teacher has an interesting subject of physics.
singleThe single subject is a noun or pronoun.
difficultThe difficult subject of quantum mechanics was unfortunately too challenging for the students.
favoriteMy favorite subject at school is mathematics.
principalThe principal subject of the meeting was the discussion of the company's financials.
individualThe individual subject is responsible for their own learning.
entireThe entire subject was discussed in class.
favouriteMy favourite subject is English.
controversial"Stem cell research is a controversial subject."
loyalThe king's loyal subject bowed to his master.
fitThe fit subject was studied by the researchers.
delicateI knew that bringing up the subject of her recent divorce would be a delicate subject
fascinatingThe fascinating subject of quantum mechanics has always captivated my imagination.
grammaticalThe grammatical subject of a sentence is the noun or pronoun that performs the action of the verb.
popular"Quantum mechanics" is a popular subject among physics students.
vastThe vast subject of science encompasses a wide range of disciplines.
femaleThe female subject was very helpful.
chiefThe chief subject of his research is climate change.
maleThe male subject was seen running down the street.
latterHe showed great interest in the latter subject
painfulThe painful subject was brought up during the meeting.
consciousThe conscious subject was aware of its own existence.
academicThe academic subject of history is a study of the past.
experimentalThe experimental subject displayed remarkable adaptability to the changing conditions.
sensitiveWe need to broach a sensitive subject with her.
compulsoryHistory is a compulsory subject for all high school students.
broadWe discussed a broad subject such as the history of the world.
tabooWhat we are doing is a taboo subject
suitableThe suitable subject was found.
transcendentalThe transcendental subject is the ground of all experience.
healthyA healthy subject is one who is free from disease or injury.
faithfulThe dog was a faithful subject to his master.
touchyPolitics can be a touchy subject with family and friends.
curiousThe curious subject of UFO sightings has captivated many people's imaginations.
legitimateThe legitimate subject of the council's deliberations was not disclosed.

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