Adjectives for Subjects

Adjectives For Subjects

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing subjects, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe subjects can dramatically shift the nuance of your sentence, impacting its clarity, tone, and persuasiveness. Whether we speak of other subjects beyond our focus, normal subjects that fall within expected standards, human subjects in research, British subjects under the crown, or various and different subjects in a curriculum, each adjective unpacks a unique aspect of the subjects in question. The precise selection not only enriches the context but also deepens the reader's understanding of the subject matter at hand. Explore the full list of adjectives to discover more intriguing ways to articulate your thoughts about subjects.
otherThey discussed other subjects after the meeting.
normalThe third dog barked at the normal subjects
humanThe study was conducted on human subjects
britishTwo British subjects were arrested in connection with the incident.
variousThe various subjects we discussed in class sparked lively debates.
differentDogs and cats are different subjects
healthyHealthy subjects participated in the study.
religiousThe art museum's new exhibit features paintings with religious subjects
academicI enjoy learning about various academic subjects such as history, literature, and science.
loyalLoyal subjects steadfastly supported their benevolent monarch.
relatedThey studied related subjects such as history, government, and literature.
experimentalThe experimental subjects were exposed to various treatments.
individualThe individual subjects of this study were carefully selected.
elderlyThe researchers interviewed elderly subjects about their experiences with ageism.
maleThe male subjects were all in their late twenties.
historicalHer dissertation explored various historical subjects
olderI prefer to work with older subjects who are more experienced.
femaleThe female subjects were particularly receptive to the intervention.
scientificStudents who excel in scientific subjects often pursue careers in research or academia.
englishThe students excelled in their English subjects
technicalStudents studying technical subjects need to be comfortable with technology.
obeseThe study included 100 obese subjects
fellowThe king spoke to his fellow subjects with pride.}
faithfulThe king's faithful subjects bowed before him.
youngerThe younger subjects had to present their homework in front of the class.
christianThe king's christian subjects were very loyal.
diabeticInsulin resistance in diabetic subjects is due to a single genetic defect in most cases.
favoriteI enjoy learning about my favorite subjects such as math and science.
literaryShe enjoys reading literary subjects
interestingI love to learn about interesting subjects
japaneseI am learning Japanese subjects
colonialThe architecture of the building reflected the colonial subjects of the time.
controversialThe debate over controversial subjects was fierce.
sacredThe sacred subjects should not be discussed openly.
kindredThe two men were kindred subjects of the same king.
secularThe school teaches both religious and secular subjects such as Science, Math, and English.
difficultWorking with difficult subjects can be challenging.
alliedHe specialized in history but had a strong interest in allied subjects like economics and philosophy.
vocationalHe earned a degree in vocational subjects along with a minor in psychology.
russianThe russian subjects were very knowledgeable about their history.
favouriteMy favourite subjects are math and science.
classicalThe curriculum included classical subjects such as Latin and Greek.
asthmaticSalmeterol is recommended for regular use in asthmatic subjects who need daily bronchodilators.
protestantThe king hoped to convert his protestant subjects to Catholicism
theologicalThe students eagerly discussed various theological subjects with their professor.
mythologicalThe artist's portfolio was filled with paintings of mythological subjects
philosophicalThe students debated philosophical subjects in their seminar.

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