Adjectives for Sunday

Adjectives For Sunday

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing sunday, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the different adjectives used with 'Sunday' reveals a fascinating array of nuances, each bringing its own unique shade of meaning to the day of rest. Words like 'last', 'first', and 'next' emphasize timing and anticipation, whether reflecting on the 'last' Sunday that passed, the 'first' Sunday of a new experience, or looking forward to the 'next'. Meanwhile, 'second', 'third', and 'fourth' suggest a sequence or a recurring event, adding a sense of rhythm or tradition to our Sundays. Each adjective not only describes a Sunday in time but also invites us to feel differently about it—whether it's with nostalgia, anticipation, or regularity. Discover the full list of adjectives to see the wide array of Sundays awaiting below.
lastI had a lot of fun at the park last sunday
firstI will see you on the first sunday of next month.
nextWe are going to the park next sunday
secondWe are going to have a meeting on the second sunday of this month.
thirdWe will meet on the third sunday of the month.
fourthOn the fourth sunday of each month we would all meet for a cookout and play games.
previousI had plans with my friends last previous sunday
particularI remember that particular sunday as if it were yesterday.
whitWe are having a special church service on Whit sunday
fifthI was surprised to learn that some months have a fifth sunday
quietThe quiet sunday was perfect for catching up with family and friends.
rainyThe soft pitter-patter of raindrops against the window created a cozy atmosphere on this rainy sunday
fineThe sun beamed down on this fine sunday morning.
openThe store will be open sunday
hotIt was a hot sunday in July.
beautifulThe beautiful sunday morning was perfect for a walk in the park.
brightThe bright sunday morning had everyone in town feeling refreshed and optimistic.
lateI finally finished my homework late sunday night.
sunnyThe park was packed with people enjoying the sunny sunday
wetIt was a wet sunday afternoon.
seventhI have been attending the seventh sunday service every month.
memorableMy memorable sunday was spent hiking in the mountains.
warmIt was a warm sunday afternoon, perfect for a walk in the park.
pleasantHave a pleasant sunday
coldIt was a cold sunday and the snow fell heavily.
fatefulThat fateful sunday everything changed.
typicalA typical sunday is spent relaxing with family and friends.
sixthI'm not sure what you mean by 'sixth sunday'. Can you give me an example?
palmPalm sunday is the first day of Holy Week in the Christian tradition.
4thHe always goes to church on the 4th sunday of every month.
5thLet's meet again on the 5th sunday of next month.
fatalThe fatal sunday left a trail of sorrow and loss.
bloodyBloody sunday was a protest march in Northern Ireland that resulted in the deaths of 14 civilians.
dayMy day sunday is always busy.
peacefulThe peaceful sunday afternoon was a perfect time for a walk in the park.
happyHappy sunday I hope you have a wonderful day filled with joy and laughter.
alternateWe go to church every alternate sunday
nearestThe conference will take place on the nearest sunday
occasionalI used to go to church every occasional sunday
eventfulMy eventful sunday was filled with unexpected adventures and plenty of laughter.
trinityTrinity sunday is the Sunday after Pentecost and celebrates the mystery of the Holy Trinity.
busyI had a busy sunday yesterday.
easterOn Easter sunday I attended a beautiful sunrise service at the beach.
lovelyIt was a lovely sunday and the birds were singing.
6thHe always goes to the gym on the 6th sunday
lazyIt was a lazy sunday afternoon, perfect for reading a book.
eighthI cannot wait for the eighth sunday of the month, that's when we go to our favorite restaurant.
niceEnjoy your nice sunday
dullIt was a dull sunday with nothing to do but watch TV and sleep.
ninthThe ninth sunday of the year was a beautiful day for a picnic.
gloriousI woke up to a glorious sunday morning.
delightfulIt was a delightful sunday perfect for relaxing and enjoying the sunshine.
gloomyThe gloomy sunday cast a shadow over the city.
16thToday is the 16th sunday of the year.
pulpitThe pastor's sermon on Pulpit sunday was particularly inspiring.
continentalWe had a continental sunday breakfast at the hotel.
drearyThe dreary sunday afternoon stretched endlessly before us.
24thThe joyous occasion of the 24th sunday is celebrated by the devout community with fervor and gaiety.
18thThe 18th sunday of the year is coming up soon.
idleAspirations and reconnaissance both took a backseat on this idle sunday

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