Adjectives for Supply

Adjectives For Supply

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing supply, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe the noun supply can dramatically alter the meaning and tone of a sentence. A short supply implies scarcity and urgency, pushing the narrative towards tension. An adequate supply, on the other hand, suggests sufficiency and stability, offering reassurance. Words like abundant, plentiful, and large amplify this sense of excess and prosperity, painting a picture of wealth and opulence. Conversely, a good supply denotes not just quantity but quality, highlighting the satisfactory nature of the resources available. Each adjective opens up a new perspective on the state of availability, setting the stage for nuanced discussions. Dive into the full spectrum of adjectives paired with 'supply' to explore all the shades of its meaning.
shortThe essential supplies were in short supply during the natural disaster.
adequateWe have an adequate supply of food to last us through the winter.
abundantThe abundant supply of fresh water ensured the survival of the community.
goodWe have a good supply of fresh produce.
plentifulWith a plentiful supply of affordable food, the town was able to thrive.
largeThe company had a large supply of inventory on hand.
totalThe company's total supply of goods is limited.
ampleThere was an ample supply of food and water for the long journey.
limitedThe limited supply of coffee beans caused a sudden increase in prices.
constantI'm not sure what you mean by 'constant supply'. Can you please clarify?
sufficientThe company has a sufficient supply of raw materials to meet its production needs.
freshThe grocery store had a fresh supply of fruits and vegetables.
excessThe excess supply led to a drop in prices.
domesticThe store bought more products than it could sell with domestic supply
arterialThe arterial supply of the kidney is derived from the renal artery.
steadyThe factory has a steady supply of raw materials.
continuousHe needs a continuous supply of oxygen.
inadequateThe inadequate supply of food caused a famine.
regularThe company maintains a regular supply of raw materials to ensure uninterrupted production.
aggregateThe recent economic shocks have had a significant impact on both aggregate supply and aggregate demand.
richThe city has a rich supply of fresh water.
unlimitedWe have an unlimited supply of resources to complete the project.
insufficientThe farm suffered an insufficient supply of water.
inexhaustibleThe river's inexhaustible supply of water was a lifeline for the nearby village.
bloodThe hospital is running low on blood supply
currentThe current supply of electricity is low.
additionalIf I need additional supply I must complete form requisition number 3456.
liberalThe liberal supply of apples satisfied the demands of the market.
entireThe company has exhausted its entire supply of rare earth metals.
endlessThe patient had an endless supply of patience.
readyThe lab had a ready supply of beakers and test tubes.
largerThe larger supply of food allowed the town to thrive.
futureThe company is working to ensure future supply by securing new contracts with suppliers.
dailyThe daily supply of food is plentiful.
scantyThe scanty supply of food made it difficult for the refugees to survive.
generousWe were given a generous supply of food and water.
electricThe electric supply to the town was cut off by the storm.
reliableThe store has a reliable supply of fresh produce.
properThe camp had a proper supply of food and water.
potentialThe potential supply of oil is vast.
annualThe annual supply of wheat is expected to be around 750 million tonnes.
overThe market is experiencing an over supply of strawberries.
externalThe external supply of oxygen to the brain is essential for life.
vascularThe vascular supply of the organ was adequate.
municipalThe municipal supply is responsible for providing water to residents of the city.
copiousThe copious supply of fruits and vegetables ensured that the community had access to fresh and healthy food.
necessaryThe necessary supply of food and water was delivered to the camp.
stableThe stable supply of resources allowed the company to continue operations without interruption.
cheapThe cheap supply of goods made it easy for everyone to buy what they needed.
nerveThe nerve supply to this muscle is provided by the median nerve.
waterThe water supply was cut off due to a burst pipe.
sympatheticThe sympathetic supply to the heart originates in the thoracic region of the spinal cord.
deficientThe deficient supply of food caused widespread hunger.
bountifulThe farmer enjoyed a bountiful supply of fresh fruits and vegetables.
ruralThe rural supply store was the only place in town to get the equipment he needed.
permanentTo ensure a permanent supply the company expanded its distribution network.
rawThe raw supply of cotton for the textile industry is dwindling.
dayHe ordered a 30-day supply of the medication.
scarceThe scarce supply of food made it difficult for the people to survive.

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