Adjectives for Support

Adjectives For Support

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing support, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe support can significantly change the nuance of a sentence, painting a vivid picture of the context and type of assistance provided. From financial to social, each adjective unveils a different facet of support. A public endorsement, for instance, highlights widespread approval, while strong support implies unwavering commitment. Meanwhile, the adjective popular suggests a high level of general acceptance, and political support is often pivotal in the realms of governance and policy-making. The nuances these adjectives bring to the table are essential for a nuanced understanding and precise expression. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives linked with support below.
financialThe company provided financial support to the new project.
socialSocial support can help people cope with stress and improve their overall health.
publicThe public support for the candidate was overwhelming.
strongThe project received strong support from the community.
popularThe proposal had widespread popular support
politicalThe Act did not gain any political support
emotionalMy therapist is a great source of emotional support
moralThe team's moral support helped me stay motivated during the difficult times.
fullThe company has offered its full support for the project.
additionalThe rehabilitation program provided him with additional support during his recovery.
furtherThe research team is seeking further support from the government for their groundbreaking project.
mutualMutual support is essential for a strong community.
activeThe committee has provided active support for the project.
technicalI had to call technical support for help with my computer.
muchHe received much support from his friends and family.
considerableThe prosecution's case had considerable support from the evidence presented in court.
empiricalThe study has empirical support for the conclusion.
adequateThe team offered adequate support to the new manager.
directThe project received direct support from the government.
militaryThe government provided military support to the rebels.
widespreadThe proposal received widespread support from the community.
substantialThe organization received substantial support from the community.
federalThe federal support for the project was significant.
generousThe company's generous support has enabled us to continue our important work.
externalThe company sought external support to help it overcome its financial difficulties.
enthusiasticThe students voiced their enthusiastic support for increasing sustainability on campus.
solidThe building has solid support so it won't collapse.
necessaryThe necessary support for the project was provided by the government.
continuedThe company continued support for its customers throughout the crisis.
sufficient"The coach had sufficient support from the team to win the championship."
nutritionalThe patient received nutritional support during their stay in the hospital.
broadThe proposal has broad support among the staff.
institutionalThe school provided institutional support to the students facing difficulties with their studies.
wideThe proposal met with wide support
administrativeI appreciate your administrative support during this busy time.
electoralWe cannot guarantee electoral support
logisticalThe logistical support for the event was exceptional.
closeThe close support team's mission is to respond quickly and provide direct assistance to the troops in the field.
powerfulThe team received powerful support from the fans.
enoughThe new policy did not receive enough support
officialThe mayor's official support of the new housing development came as a surprise to many.
firmHe declared his firm support for the proposal.
psychologicalThe organization provides psychological support to victims of abuse.
mechanicalDoctors used mechanical support to help the patient's heart pump blood and supply oxygen to the rest of the body.
effectiveThe project received effective support from the local community.
partialThe proposal received partial support from the committee.
overwhelming"Fifty-one percent of voters indicated overwhelming support for the initiative."
ongoingThe team is providing ongoing support to ensure a smooth transition.
massThe mass support for his proposal caught the opposition off guard.
parentalParental support is crucial for a child's development.
constantWe are grateful for their constant support and encouragement.
limitedThe budget for the project has limited support
lessThere was less support than expected for the new program.
outsideThe company is seeking outside support to expand its operations.
unanimousThe proposal received unanimous support from the board of directors.
lateralThe footbed incorporates excellent lateral support to prevent overpronation.
structuralThe structural support of the building was compromised by the earthquake.
loyalThe team's loyal support helped them win the championship.
congressionalThe president's plan has significant congressional support
logisticThe company provided logistic support for the event.
continuousYour prompt fails to specify the content or subject of the 'continuous support'. Please provide more details.
strongestThe company's strongest support is its loyal customer base.
wholeheartedThey offered their wholehearted support to the victims of the tragedy.
governmentalThe project received governmental support from the Ministry of Education.
soleThe sole support of the family rested upon his shoulders.
indirectHe received indirect support from his colleagues.
diplomaticThey received diplomatic support from several European countries.
consistentThe team has provided consistent support throughout the project.

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