Adjectives for Surface

Adjectives For Surface

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing surface, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a surface reveals much more than just its appearance. For instance, a smooth surface might evoke a sense of sleek modernity or ease of motion, while an upper surface suggests something more specific, a level above or the topmost layer. The inner surface, on the other hand, invites an exploration into what lies beneath or inside, offering a contrast to the outer surface that interacts with the world. Descriptors like flat and entire further aid in conveying the extent or uniformity of a surface. Through these nuances, adjectives enrich our understanding and communication, paving the way for a deeper appreciation of physical characteristics. Discover the full range and versatility of adjectives associated with surface below.
upperThe arms have a series of dark-brown warts on the upper surface
innerThe scientist carefully examined the inner surface of the petri dish.
outerThe outer surface of the ball was smooth and shiny.
flatThe table has a flat surface
entireThe entire surface of the planet was covered in a thick layer of ice.
anteriorThe anterior surface of the heart is covered by the pericardium.
wholeThe field covers the whole surface of the stadium.
posteriorThe posterior surface of the scapula is smooth and concave.
freeThe free surface of the liquid is flat and horizontal.
dorsalThe dorsal surface of the leaf is smooth and glabrous.
lowerThe lower surface of the wing was painted red.
externalThe external surface of the object was smooth and shiny.
roughThe rough surface of the road made it difficult to drive.
hardThe hard surface of the table was cold to the touch.
lateralThe lateral surface of the prism is a rectangle.
topThe top surface of the table was covered in scratches.
solidThe solid surface of the table made it easy to clean.
internalThe internal surface of the artery was smooth and clean.
polishedThe polished surface reflected the sunlight.
curvedThe curved surface of the vase reflected the light beautifully.
nearThe disturbance was near surface where the waves were at their peak.
medialThe medial surface of the thigh is smooth and flat.
horizontalThe table's horizontal surface provides ample space for writing.
sphericalThe spherical surface of the planet was covered in lush vegetation.
cleanWipe the clean surface with a dry cloth.
inferiorThe inferior surface of the bone is concave and smooth.
occlusalThe occlusal surface of a tooth refers to the surface that comes into contact with the opposing teeth during biting.
cellThe cell surface is the outermost layer of a cell and plays a crucial role in interactions with its surroundings.
fermiThe Fermi surface delimits an electron sea, creating a boundary between occupied and unoccupied electronic state.
concaveThe concave surface of the mirror focuses the incoming light rays to a point.
superiorThe superior surface of the leaf is covered with a waxy cuticle.
frontWater splashed on the front surface of the upright glass wall.
exposedThe exposed surface of the rock was smooth and shiny.
insideThe inside surface of the pipe was coated with a thin layer of rust.
outsideThe total surface area of the sample, including both the inside and outside surface was calculated as P x H plus 2 x (P x W).
liquidThe liquid surface shimmered in the sunlight.
lingualThe lingual surface of the tooth is the surface facing the tongue.
lunarThe lunar surface is covered with craters and mountains.
exteriorThe exterior surface of the building was covered in a thick layer of grime.
subHe felt his veins throb beneath the sub surface of his skin.
interiorThe plasterwork on the interior surface of the building was exquisite.
deepThe deep surface of the lake was clear and calm.
mucosalMicroorganisms attach to and colonize specific mucosal surfaces in the gastrointestinal tract.
irregularThe bumpy road had an irregular surface making for a rough ride.
cylindricalThe cylindrical surface of the pipe was measured to be 10 inches.
articularThe articular surface of the bone is smooth and covered with cartilage.
unevenThe uneven surface of the path made it difficult to walk.
substrateThe catalyst was supported onto a substrate surface
distalThe distal surface of the ulna is covered by a layer of cartilage.
convexThe convex surface of the lens helps to focus the light rays.
verticalThe vertical surface of the wall was painted a bright white.
ventralThe ventral surface of the leaf is covered with stomata.
bottomThe bottom surface of the table was covered in dust.
crystalThe crystal surface sparkled in the sunlight.
potentialThe potential surface of the hydrogen molecule ion has been calculated using the Hartree-Fock method.
rawThe skin graft failed to take hold, leaving a raw surface that quickly became infected.
concreteThe concrete surface was rough and uneven.
flouredPut the dough on a floured surface and knead for 5 minutes.
jointThe joint surface of the bone is smooth and covered with cartilage.
coldThe cold surface sent shivers down my spine.
closedThe closed surface surrounds the volume.
cornealThe corneal surface is the clear, front part of the eye that covers the pupil and iris.
mesialThe mesial surface of the tooth is the surface that faces the midline of the dental arch.
mucousThe mucous surface of the respiratory tract is lined with ciliated cells.
palmarThe palmar surface of the hand is the side that faces the palm.
corticalThe cortical surface of the brain is highly convoluted, with numerous folds and sulci.
luminalLuminal surface protein expression is enhanced by hyperglycemia.
dryThe dry surface cracked underfoot.
epithelialThe respiratory tract exhibits an enormous epithelial surface
metallicThe metallic surface of the car gleamed in the sunlight.
broadThe broad surface of the table provided ample space for the meeting participants.
buccalThe buccal surface of the tooth is the side that faces the cheek.
shinyThe bright, metallic object had a shiny surface
labialThe labial surface of an incisor tooth is the smooth, convex surface that faces the lip.
softThe cat landed on the soft surface of the couch.
backThe back surface of the card is blank.
finishedThe finished surface of the table was smooth and shiny.
brightThe rectangular object was a good size and had a bright surface

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