Adjectives for Survey

Adjectives For Survey

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing survey, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a survey can significantly alter the perception of the data it contains. A brief survey might imply a quick glance at opinions, whereas a comprehensive survey suggests a deep dive into the subject matter. The timing and scope are also highlighted through adjectives; a recent survey offers the latest insights, a national survey spans an entire country, and a historical survey provides context over time. Each adjective paints a unique picture of the survey's purpose, reach, and depth. For a more detailed exploration of how adjectives can change the narrative of a survey, see the full list below.
briefWe conducted a brief survey to gather the participants' feedback.
recentAccording to a recent survey the majority of respondents believe that the economy is improving.
nationalThe results of a national survey were released last week.
generalWe conducted a general survey of students to gather their opinions on the new curriculum.
comprehensiveThe comprehensive survey analyzed the data thoroughly.
historicalA historical survey of the area can be traced back to the 17th century.
preliminaryThe preliminary survey indicated a strong preference for the proposed changes.
detailedThe company released a detailed survey on customer satisfaction.
geologicalThe geological survey provided valuable insights into the region's geological history.
extensiveProfessors conducted an extensive survey to gather feedback from students.
annualWe conduct an annual survey to gather feedback from our customers.
excellentThe excellent survey provided valuable insights.
carefulThe careful survey revealed a number of important details.
shortCould you please take this short survey?
criticalThe critical survey highlighted several areas where the company could improve its performance.
originalThe original survey included questions about demographics, health, and lifestyle.
rapidThe rapid survey revealed that most respondents were satisfied with the new product.
presentI would like to participate in the present survey
systematicThe systematic survey of the region revealed a diverse range of plant species.
usefulThe useful survey provided insightful data for decision-making.
nationwideAccording to a nationwide survey most Americans believe that climate change is real.
thoroughWe conducted a thorough survey of the area before starting the project.
initialThe initial survey found that 78% of respondents were satisfied with the product.
wideWe've conducted a wide survey to make sure the results are applicable to the broader population.
archaeologicalAn archaeological survey of the area was conducted prior to the construction of the new highway.
quickI would appreciate it if you could take a quick survey about your customer service experience.
broadThe broad survey covered a wide range of topics.
statisticalThe statistical survey showed a significant increase in consumer confidence.
exhaustiveThe research paper provides an exhaustive survey of the recent advances in machine learning.
aerialThe aerial survey revealed new information about the region's topography.
comparativeThe comparative survey revealed that the new product was preferred by a majority of consumers.
scaleThe scale survey measured the respondents' level of agreement with a series of statements.
informalI conducted an informal survey to get an idea of employee sentiment.
accurateThe accurate survey provided valuable insights into consumer preferences.
introductoryThe introductory survey was designed to assess students' prior knowledge and skills.
yearWe conducted a year survey to gather data about customer satisfaction.
cursoryThe cursory survey revealed that only a small percentage of respondents were aware of the new regulation.
intensiveThe consultants conducted an intensive survey of the local market.
earlierThe earlier survey asked about the participant's level of education.
randomThe random survey revealed some surprising results.
topographicalThe topographical survey team carefully mapped out the elevation and contours of the area.
latestThe latest survey shows that 60% of Americans believe the economy is in a recession.
aboveThe elevation of the peaks towered above survey
sectionalThe sectional survey was conducted to assess the impact of the new policy on employee morale.
skeletalThe doctor ordered a skeletal survey to rule out any bone fractures.
geophysicalGeophysical surveys are used to explore the physical properties of the Earth's subsurface.
officialThe official survey revealed surprising results about the public's views.
seismicThe seismic survey revealed promising signs of hydrocarbons beneath the surface.
retrospectiveThe survey team conducted a retrospective survey of the newly implemented program.
magneticGeophysicists use a magnetic survey to map the subsurface geology of an area.
epidemiologicalA comprehensive epidemiological survey was conducted to assess the prevalence and risk factors for the disease.
postalThe postal survey was conducted to gather public opinion.
valuableThe valuable survey provided helpful insights into customer satisfaction.
longitudinalThe researchers used a longitudinal survey to track the participants' progress over time.
secondaryThe EMT conducted a secondary survey by checking the patient's vital signs and neurological status.
representativeThe representative survey revealed insights into consumer preferences.
topographicThe topographic survey provided detailed information about the terrain and elevation of the area.
hastyThe hasty survey revealed a clear preference for the new design.
biologicalThe biological survey revealed a significant decline in the population of the endangered species.
descriptiveThe research team conducted a descriptive survey to gather information about the participants' demographics.
conciseWe conducted a concise survey to gather feedback from our customers.
globalThe global survey revealed that a majority of people believe in climate change.
linguisticThe linguistic survey revealed a wide range of dialects in the region.
geographicalThe geographical survey of the region revealed a diverse landscape with mountains, valleys, and rivers.

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