Adjectives for Table

Adjectives For Table

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing table, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The choice of adjectives paired with the noun 'table' can significantly alter the image conjured up in a reader's or listener's mind. A 'small' table might fit snugly in a cozy corner, serving as a quaint coffee spot. A 'long' table, on the other hand, suggests grand gatherings or opulent dining spaces. A 'round' table evokes images of equality and camaraderie, where everyone has a seat at the table. 'Little' often adds a touch of tenderness or minimalism, emphasizing simplicity. The 'periodic' table, however, transports us into the realm of science, showcasing a systematic array of elements. A 'large' table can signify abundance, a wide space for creativity, or a meeting ground for numerous ideas and voices. Each adjective unlocks a unique aspect of the noun, enriching our understanding and use of language. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives associated with 'table' to enhance your vocabulary and expressions.
smallWe put the vase on the small table
longThe long table took up most of the space in the dining room.
roundWe discussed our strategy at a round table
littleThe little table was perfect for the small apartment.
periodicThe periodic table organizes elements based on their atomic number, electron configuration, and recurring chemical properties.
largeThe large table was surrounded by chairs.
lowWe sat around a low table and talked for hours.
woodenMy wooden table has been in the family for generations.
accompanyingThe accompanying table shows the average temperatures for each month.
bigThe students sat around a big table in the library.
routingThe routing table contains a list of all known destinations and the paths to reach them.
writingI tidied the writing table this morning.
nearbyThe nearby table had a few empty chairs.
entireEveryone clapped as the entire table of students sang the school's anthem.
separateThe couple sat at a separate table to the rest of the group.
innerThe inner table contained the most important data.
dressingI put on my makeup at the dressing table
emptyThe empty table was in the corner of the room.
chronologicalThe chronological table provides a comprehensive overview of historical events.
toppedThe cake was placed on the topped table
comparativeThe comparative table provides a detailed overview of the differences between the two products.
circularWe sat around the circular table and discussed our plans.
outerThe outer table is used to specify the table that will be joined with the inner table.
genealogicalI have a genealogical table that traces my family back to the 16th century.
ovalThe team gathered around the oval table for their weekly meeting.
polishedThe polished table gleamed in the sunlight.
hugeThe huge table was covered with a white tablecloth.
timeCould you please send me the latest time table?
topI was seated at the top table next to the guest of honor.
squareMy family ate dinner at a square table
standardWe apologize for the inconvenience, but we are currently experiencing issues with our standard table
greenI need to fix the green table in the corner of the room.
roughThe rough table was difficult to write on.
foregoingI have reviewed the foregoing table and I understand the information presented.
royalThe king and queen dined at the royal table
statisticalThe statistical table provides a comprehensive overview of the data.
rectangularHalf a dozen people were seated around the rectangular table which was covered with a lace tablecloth.
coveredThey found the food on the covered table
narrowMy narrow table is perfect for small spaces.
centreThe centre table was adorned with a vase of flowers.
detailedThe detailed table provided all the necessary information.
bareWe sat at a bare table and toasted to our new friendship.
wayThe way table is in the corner of the room.
ricketyThe rickety table wobbled and creaked with every movement.
holyThe priest blessed the bread on the holy table
horizontalThe horizontal table was perfect for displaying the data.
temporaryThe data in a temporary table is only accessible during the current session.
leggedThe four-legged table was sturdy and well-crafted.
breakfastAunt Gerda made the best pancakes and served them with real maple syrup at the breakfast table
subjoinedPlease see the subjoined table for the latest data figures.
foldingThe folding table fits four people comfortably.
tinyThe tiny table was perfect for the small apartment.
rotaryThe rotary table was used to hold the workpiece in place for milling operations.
correspondingThe corresponding table shows the data in a more organized way.
pongI used to play ping-pong on the pong table in my basement.

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