Adjectives for Tables

Adjectives For Tables

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing tables, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective for the noun 'tables' can significantly alter the ambiance of a sentence. For instance, 'long tables' evoke images of grand banquets or conferences, setting a tone of formality or abundance. On the other hand, 'small tables' bring forth an intimate, cozy setting ideal for close gatherings or individual tasks. The qualifier 'statistical' shifts the context towards data and analysis, suggesting a more academic or professional scenario. Words like 'several' and 'little' play with quantity, either highlighting abundance or scarceness, thereby subtly influencing the reader's perception of space and availability. Each adjective opens a unique narrative door. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives paired with 'tables' to master the art of descriptive language.
followingWe can consult the following tables for more data.
statisticalI consulted the statistical tables and found the information I needed.
longThe dining hall was lined with long tables
severalThere were several tables in the large banquet hall.
littleThere were little tables scattered around the room.
roundLet's have our discussion at the round tables in the backyard.
separateWe had to sit at separate tables because the restaurant was so crowded.
woodenThe students sat at their wooden tables eager to begin the lesson.
variousData was collected from various tables
numerousIn the spacious hall, the numerous tables were set with an assortment of delectable dishes.
standardHe ordered two standard tables and four chairs for his home office.
multipleThe restaurant had multiple tables available for seating.
astronomicalI used the astronomical tables to calculate the positions of the stars.
lowIn the living room, there were low tables and comfortable chairs.
genealogicalMy family tree is one of the most well-documented cases of genealogy, with genealogical tables going back six generations.
detailedThe article provided detailed tables with data on the company's performance over the past five years.
mathematicalI need to find the value of x in the mathematical tables
picnicWe spread out our blanket on one of the empty picnic tables
usefulThe reference book contains useful tables
extensiveThe research study contained extensive tables of data.
timeThe time tables for the train are available online.
aboveThree new rows were added above tables containing 4, 5 and 6 headers respectively.
toppedThe waiters topped tables with placemats and silverware.
comparativeThese comparative tables provide a comprehensive overview of the different features and benefits of each product.
completeThe shop has complete tables for sale.
relationalThe relational tables are used to represent relationships between data.
emptyThe restaurant was nearly empty, with only a few empty tables left.
actuarialActuaries use actuarial tables to calculate the probability of certain events occurring.
additionalTo ensure availability of services to all, the emergency department has five additional tables
temporaryThe financial reports are created using temporary tables in the database.
previousThe new tables are preferred over previous tables for their additional features
appropriateEnsure there are appropriate tables chairs, and desks for students to complete their work.
outdoorThe restaurant had a few outdoor tables set up on the sidewalk.
relatedThe related tables in the database are all linked by primary and foreign keys.
precedingThe preceding tables show the results of the study.
smallerWe prefer the smaller tables for our meetings.
logarithmicThe researchers used logarithmic tables to calculate the half-life of the radioactive element.
numericalThe numerical tables were arranged in a way that made it easy to compare the data.
subsequentThe subsequent tables provide information on the company's financial performance.
chronologicalThe chronicle was arranged in chronological tables for easy referencing.
elaborateThe researchers meticulously combed through the elaborate tables and graphs, searching for patterns and anomalies.
nearbyThe nearby tables were all occupied with customers.
coveredThe waiters quickly set up the covered tables for the evening event.
foregoingThe foregoing tables provide a summary of the company's financial performance.
nestedThe nested tables contained important data about the company's finances.
blackjackI went to the casino and played at the blackjack tables
greenThe green tables stood out in the dimly lit room.
dimensionalExtract data from the dimensional tables to create meaningful reports.
availableThere are four available tables in the dining room.
correspondingThe corresponding tables provide detailed information.
occasionalThe occasional tables in the living room were filled with books and magazines.
valuableThe valuable tables were a welcome addition to the office space.
rectangularThe rectangular tables were perfectly aligned.
respectiveThe respective tables were wiped down with cleaning solution.
squareThe square tables were perfect for the small dining room.
narrowWe sat at narrow tables in the cafeteria.
corbelThe castle was built with a variety of corbel tables set into the walls alongside the parapets.
crowdedThe crowded tables were filled with people enjoying their meals.

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