Adjectives for Talk

Adjectives For Talk

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing talk, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe talk can subtly change its meaning and impact. A small talk may imply a conversation of less significance, focusing on mundane subjects, while a long talk suggests an extended discussion, possibly of great importance. Terms like little talk and much talk hint at the volume and intensity of the discussion, respectively. Using such talk can introduce a sense of surprise or intensity, and more talk indicates the desire for continued conversation. Each adjective adds a layer of nuance, painting a fuller picture of the interaction. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that can transform the simple act of conversation into a vivid narrative.
smallThey filled the time with small talk about the weather and their families.
muchHe does much talk but little work.
longI had a long talk with my parents about my future.
suchI am not comfortable with such talk
littleAll this little talk is wearing me out.
moreThey engaged in more talk about the issue
goodIt was a good talk
idleThe idle talk of the crowd filled the room.
seriousLet's have a serious talk about this.
pepI gave my team a pep talk before the big game.
commonHe used a lot of common talk when he was speaking to the audience.
crossThe comedians engaged in lively cross talk during the show.
privateThey had a private talk about the matter.
shortThey had a short talk discussing the next steps for the project.
looseBrenda's loose talk can cause problems.
furtherWe will hold further talk about this matter next Monday.
straightLet's have a straight talk about the project.
interestingThe interesting talk intrigued the audience.
mereMere talk will not suffice in this situation.
bigHe's all big talk but I don't believe a word he says.
quietThey had a quiet talk about the matter.
pleasantThe pleasant talk made the long car ride go by quickly.
tableTwo colleagues engaged in table talk about the company's future
loudThe loud talk in the bar was making it difficult to concentrate.
briefI'm sorry, I don't have a short sentence with "brief talk".
sweetThe salesman was able to sweet talk his way into the deal.
emptyAll that empty talk about becoming a doctor was just a facade.
friendlyWe had a friendly talk about our differences
heartYour heart talk is always so soothing.
wildHer wild talk of unicorn muffins made me question her sanity.
plainSpeak in plain talk please.
niceIt was a nice talk
informalWe had an informal talk about the project.
minuteWe have a minute talk about the business plan.
lessLet's focus on action and less talk
ordinaryJohn is an ordinary talk
frankThe team valued Frank's frank talk and appreciated his honesty.
toughThe general was known for giving his troops tough talk before a mission.
confidentialWe had a confidential talk about the matter.
endlessThe endless talk made me want to find an escape.
sillyThat silly talk made me laugh so hard
usualThe usual talk of the town was about the new mayor's scandal.
enoughEnough talk already.
casual"Does casual talk work?" she asked.
intimateThey had an intimate talk about their relationship.
godGod talk is the language of the divine, and it is often used to describe the nature of God and the relationship between God and humans.
longerI have to make a longer talk for the following meeting.
happyI love happy talk and positive vibes.
livelyHer lively talk kept the audience engaged the entire time.
earnestThe candidates engaged in an earnest talk about their political views.
carelessCareless talk can cost lives.
gonnaHe is gonna talk to her later.
cheapThe salesman used cheap talk to try and convince me to buy the car.
excitedThe crowd buzzed with excited talk
backThe teacher reprimanded the student for their back talk
preliminaryThe preliminary talk was followed by a lively discussion.
easyHer easy talk made everyone comfortable.
desultoryI tried to engage him in conversation, but he only responded with desultory talk
smoothThe politician's smooth talk won over the voters.

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