Adjectives for Talking

Adjectives For Talking

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing talking, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the nuanced world of adjectives linked with the act of 'talking' unveils a complex landscape of communication. Words like 'loud', 'much', and 'more' convey the volume and frequency, highlighting how our speech patterns are perceived. Alternately, adjectives such as 'little' and 'foolish' touch on the content and wisdom within our conversations, pointing to the qualitative aspect of our dialogues. Meanwhile, 'fast' talks about the speed, significantly affecting the intelligibility and reception of our messages. Together, these adjectives paint a vivid picture of the many ways we can describe the simple act of talking. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that add color and context to the way we express ourselves through speech, below.
loudThe loud talking in the library made it difficult to concentrate.
muchThere was much talking going on in the room.
moreThe students continued their chattering more talking
littleThe meeting went well despite there being little talking
goodIt was good talking to you.
busyThe students were busy talking during the lecture.
excessiveExcessive talking can lead to misunderstandings and conflicts.
straightI appreciate his straight talking
incessantThe incessant talking from the crowd became unbearable.
smoothThe politician's smooth talking convinced the voters to support his proposal.
fineThe lawyer's fine talking convinced the jury to acquit his client.
toughThe tough talking politician didn't mince words during the interview.
lessLet's focus more on action and less talking
worthThis idea is worth talking about.
lateHer late talking was a concern for her parents.
constantThe constant talking made it difficult to concentrate.
mereThe mere talking did not accomplish anything.
sweetTom is sweet talking his way into trouble
comfortableI am comfortable talking about my feelings with him.
plainThe politician's plain talking resonated with the audience.
lowPeter's low talking was hardly audible over the din.
slowThe slow talking man droned on and on about his day.
endlessWe spent hours engaged in endless talking
quietThe quiet talking made it difficult to hear the lecture.
vainVain talking will not increase your knowledge.
seriousThey needed to have a serious talking about their issues.
continuousThe continuous talking made it difficult to concentrate.
rapidThe politician's rapid talking made it difficult to understand his points.
hardHe is a hard talking man.
sleepMy neighbor's sleep talking kept me up all night.
incoherentThe senator's incoherent talking confused the audience.
unnecessaryUnnecessary talking can be a sign of avoidance.
nervousThe nervous talking betrayed his anxiousness.
looseAvoid loose talking and gossip.
compulsiveHe had a reputation for compulsive talking on every subject under the sun
uselessHis useless talking made me drowsy.
ordinaryThe students were engaged in ordinary talking during class.
allAll talking and no action is like a garden full of weeds.
quickThe quick talking salesman convinced me to buy the car.
easyThe lawyer, with his easy talking voice, managed to convince the jury.
softShe loved his soft talking voice.
roughThe sergeant used rough talking to get the men back in line.
continualThe continual talking made it difficult to concentrate.
nonstopThe politician engaged in nonstop talking during the debate.
uncomfortableThe uncomfortable talking made the situation worse.
subvocalShe was subvocal talking to herself before bed.
noisyThe noisy talking made it hard to concentrate.
excitedThe excited talking filled the room as they eagerly shared their ideas.
wildShe liked the wild talking of her boss.
outsideThe outside talking was too loud to ignore.
crossThey were cross talking
automaticThe automatic talking was so realistic that I thought I was having a conversation with a real person.
niceIt was nice talking to you.
merryThe merry talking of the children filled the air.
overCan you please stop over talking everyone?
boisterousThe boisterous talking made it hard to concentrate.
muffledThe muffled talking could vaguely be heard through the thick walls.
perpetualHis perpetual talking was driving everyone crazy.
earnestThey sat around the table earnest talking of the plans for the future.
everydayThis is an example of everyday talking
illThe ill talking hurt my feelings.
talkI can't hear you over all the talk talking
happyThe children were happy talking about their day at school.

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