Adjectives for Target

Adjectives For Target

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing target, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to pair with the noun 'target' can subtly alter the meaning of a sentence and guide the reader's understanding. An 'easy target' implies vulnerability, maybe too simple to achieve or defeat, while a 'main target' suggests a focus of primary importance. 'Primary' and 'prime target' often convey a sense of priority and quality, indicating something or someone that must be dealt with before anything else. On the other hand, 'next target' implies a sequence or a follow-up, and 'major target' underscores the significance or scale. Each adjective adds its unique shade of meaning, crafting a more vivid and specific picture. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives used with 'target' to enhance your expression.
mainThe main target of the attack was the government building.
primaryThe primary target was in sight.
primeThe enemy headquarters was a prime target for the air strike.
majorThe major target of the campaign was to increase brand awareness.
specificThe new advertising campaign has a specific target audience.
intendedThe intended target of the attack was the local police station.
particularThe virus has a particular target in the body.
obviousThe obvious target was the elderly woman.
realI am zeroing in on my real target
potentialThe potential target was identified by the intelligence agency.
principalThe principal target of their attacks was the civilian population.
favoriteThe company's favorite target is the high-end consumer.
importantSetting realistic and important targets is crucial for project success.
singleThe spell only targets a single target
specialThe special target was hit with precision.
chiefThe chief target of our company is to always go beyond what is expected.
attractiveThis person is an attractive target for marketing campaigns.
perfectThe perfect target for your next vacation is just a few clicks away.
therapeuticThe new drug has a therapeutic target of reducing inflammation.
originalThe original target of the attack was the World Trade Center.
temptingThe sweet aroma from the bakery was a tempting target for the hungry passerby.
likely"Germany" is a likely target for terrorism in 2023, according to several security assessments.
appropriateThe appropriate target for this research is to investigate the effects of the new drug.
ultimateThe ultimate target is to develop a vaccine that is safe and effective against all strains of the virus.
possibleA possible target was identified by the team.
initialThe initial target was set to 100,000 impressions.
idealThe ideal target market for this product is young professionals.
legitimateThe lawyer argued that the witness was not a legitimate target for cross-examination.
immediateThe immediate target was to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
stationaryThe stationary target was easily hit by the experienced marksman.
intermediateThe team met their intermediate target of $500k in funding.
suitableSuitable target was finally found after months of searching.
convenientThe convenient target was easy to hit.
betterWe need to better target the right audience.
difficultThe plant moved in a manner that made it a difficult target
distantWe set a distant target for the mission.
clearLet's define a clear target and work towards it diligently.
secondaryThe secondary target was taken down quickly by the sniper.
vulnerableThe vulnerable target was exposed to a malicious attack.
keyWe expect to recruit 15 key targets in the coming weeks.
molecularWe were able to identify a novel molecular target for rheumatoid arthritis.
favouriteMy favourite target for archery is a hay bale.
annualThe sales team exceeded their annual target by 15%.
ambitiousWe set ourselves an ambitious target of raising $1 million in donations.
thickThe thick target scattering can be described by dividing it into elementary events.
overallThe overall target was to complete the project by the end of the month.
offThe arrow missed the target by a mile off target
excellentThe marksman hit the excellent target with ease.
monetaryThe Federal Reserve maintains a monetary target of 2% inflation.
visibleThe visible target was easily spotted by the sniper.
solidThe solid target was hit by the projectile.
thinThe electrons were incident on a thin target of gold.
smallerThey create a smaller target than either an aircraft or a missile.
softThe vulnerable gate left the station as a soft target for the enemy.
logicalThe logical target of the task should be clearly defined.
termThe term target refers to the specific audience or group of people that a message or campaign is intended to reach.
minimumWe need to exceed the minimum target set by the company.
fairShe was a fair target for criticism.
plannedThe planned target was achieved with great success.
strategicThe strategic target was identified as the enemy's weak point.
novelThe novel target is a promising candidate for the treatment of cancer.

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