Adjectives for Taxes

Adjectives For Taxes

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing taxes, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Navigating the complex world of taxes can be daunting, yet understanding the nuanced adjectives used in conjunction with this term can significantly change its implications. For example, 'direct taxes', paid straight to the government, differ vastly from 'indirect taxes', levied on goods and services. Mention of 'new taxes' often sparks debates on economic policies, while discussions on 'local' versus 'federal taxes' delve into the intricacies of governance. Moreover, the distinction between 'higher taxes' and their counterparts can influence both political discourse and individual financial planning. Explore our comprehensive list to unravel the subtleties behind each adjective and gain deeper insights into the implications of taxes.
directDirect taxes include income tax and corporation tax.
indirectIndirect taxes are levied on the production or sale of goods and services.
newThe government plans to raise new taxes to fund the national healthcare system.
localOur local taxes are increasing next year.
federalI need to file my federal taxes by April 15th.
higherThe new administration is proposing higher taxes on corporations.
highThe high taxes made it difficult for businesses to operate.
heavyThe government has imposed heavy taxes upon the people.
personalI need to file my personal taxes by April 15th.
exciseThe government imposed excise taxes on tobacco and alcohol products.
corporateThe company lowered its corporate taxes by a significant margin.
realMany families struggle to pay real taxes because they don't make enough money to cover basic living costs.
specialIn order to cover the increased costs, the city council voted unanimously to introduce special taxes on all its citizens.
lower lower taxes
additionalWe expect additional taxes to be imposed on businesses in the coming months.
internalThe country's government relies heavily on internal taxes to fund its operations.
moreThe government decided to increase more taxes to fund the new healthcare system.
certainI need to pay certain taxes before the deadline.
totalThe total taxes for the year were over $10,000.
foreignThe company is subject to both domestic and foreign taxes
lowThe government's low taxes have helped businesses thrive.
delinquentThe house was seized by the city for delinquent taxes
unpaidWe owe unpaid taxes to the government and are working on a payment plan.
municipalThe increase in municipal taxes is due to the rising cost of infrastructure maintenance.
backThe settlement of back taxes was a huge relief to the family.
progressiveProgressive taxes are taxes that increase as the amount of income increases.
annualThe company paid its annual taxes on time.
deferredThere are deferred taxes that the company will need to account for in the next quarter.
environmentalThe government is considering implementing environmental taxes to discourage companies from polluting.
netNet taxes are expected to rise by 20 percent in the coming year.
excessThe company is facing excess taxes due to a recent change in regulations.
applicableKindly note that applicable taxes will be added to the final price.
futureFuture taxes will be determined by the government.
lessThis year, we will be paying less taxes than last year.
extraThe extra taxes on the wealthy can help fund social welfare programs.
regularThe company's net income is subject to regular taxes
domesticDomestic taxes are levied on individuals and businesses within a country or other jurisdiction.
heavierThe company is struggling to pay its employees due to heavier taxes and rising costs.
excessiveExcessive taxes stifled economic growth and led to widespread discontent.
miscellaneousThere are many miscellaneous taxes that are not included in the sales tax.
agriculturalAgricultural taxes were a significant source of revenue for the government.
exorbitantThe exorbitant taxes imposed by the government left citizens struggling to make ends meet.
regressiveThe city council is considering implementing regressive taxes to increase revenue.
addedThe company's net income was reduced by added taxes
extraordinaryThe government imposed extraordinary taxes to cover the war costs.
sumThe sum taxes is a large amount of money.
burdensomeThe government's burdensome taxes stifled economic growth.
discriminatorySome countries impose discriminatory taxes on imported goods.
illegalThe government imposed illegal taxes on the citizens.
basedThe revenue generated from VAT, GST, and other based taxes can be used to fund social programs and infrastructure projects.
grossThe gross taxes for the year were over $100,000.
royalThe royal taxes were collected by the tax collectors.
retailThe government increased retail taxes to balance the budget.
enormousI don't have enough money to pay the enormous taxes
incomeThe government collects income taxes from citizens.
arbitraryThe government imposed arbitrary taxes on the poor.
reducedThe government has reduced taxes to stimulate the economy.
selectiveSelective taxes are imposed on specific goods and services with the aim of influencing consumer behavior.
employmentEmployment taxes cover Social Security and Medicare and are deducted from each employee's paycheck.
distortionaryWe ensure there are no distortionary taxes on capital and labour

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