Adjectives for Technical

Adjectives For Technical

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing technical, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Selecting the right adjective to pair with 'technical' can significantly influence the perception of the subject being discussed. Whether it's 'vocational technical skills', emphasizing practical, job-related knowledge, 'socio-technical systems', which highlights the complex interplay between society and technology, or 'non-technical', pointing out the lack of specialized knowledge in a certain context, each combination paints a unique picture. Descriptions such as 'physical technical challenges' or 'military technical advancements' focus more on the tangible and strategic aspects, respectively, while 'professional technical services' underline the expertise and quality. Understanding these nuances helps in crafting more precise and impactful sentences. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives aligned with 'technical' to enhance your writing with just the right shade of meaning.
vocationalThe vocational technical school offered courses in welding, carpentry, and automotive repair.
physicalThe new physical technical standard makes it easier to compare different products.
militaryThe military technical assistance team was sent to the country to help the local forces improve their capabilities.
professionalWe need an experienced professional technical writer to create user manuals.
highThe project required high technical expertise.
materialThe material technical is one of the most important aspects of any construction project.
moreMore technical aspects of the topic can be found in this study.
seniorHe is a senior technical expert with more than 20 years of experience in the field.
physicoThe upcoming physico technical conference will be held in Berlin next year.
economicThe economic technical index of the city increased by 5% this year.
someI need some technical help with my computer.
completeThe project requires complete technical documentation for future reference.
irstTheir irst technical demonstrations of flying cars were in 2017 and 2018.
sociologicalThe sociological technical approach focuses on the relationship between technology and society.
careerEarning a career technical credential can lead to a fulfilling career.
lessThe content should be less technical to make it easier to understand.
outsideI am not sure what you mean by 'outside technical'.
rationalThe committee brought together a rational technical and organizational structure.
elementaryThe elementary technical training of the new employees was conducted by a senior engineer.
industrialThe industrial technical school provided training for skilled workers.
partThe documentation is part technical and part narrative.
criticalThe critical technical issue has caused a delay in the project.
geoThe geo technical team conducted a thorough investigation of the site.
secondaryThe secondary technical school offers a vocational program.
agroAgro technical expertise is highly valued in modern farming.
grammarThe grammar technical is quite complex.
tradeShe completed a trade technical program in carpentry and cabinetmaking.
agriculturalThe agricultural technical assistance program provides farmers with the resources they need to succeed.
electroThe electro technical industry is a rapidly growing field.
occupationalI am interested in attending an occupational technical program at the local community college.
navigatorThe navigator technical inspected the aircraft before takeoff.
juniorJunior technical Program Manager is a job title for a manager-level employee.
mechanicalI'm experiencing a mechanical technical difficulty with my computer.
philosophicalThe philosophical technical jargon used in the book is difficult to understand.
imaginativeThe imaginative technical solution was the key to their success.
subThe appendix of the report consists of a sub technical section that includes equations, charts and graphs.
miscellaneousThe lawyer requested miscellaneous technical documents regarding the incident.
tacticalTactical technical knowledge is vital for their success.
20thThe 20th technical session concludes the meeting.
columbusI am a student at Columbus technical College.
sambaThe samba technical documentation is available online.
norwegianNorwegian technical and engineering expertise is widely respected.
asiaAsia technical is a leading provider of technical services in the Asia-Pacific region.
preThe pre technical training will start next week.
observantThe observant technical person spotted the anomaly in the system's performance.
polyThe university offers associate degrees in engineering, nursing, and other poly technical programs.
organizationalThe organizational technical implementation was very successful.
18thThis is the 18th technical interview question I've answered.
operationalThe operational technical of the new system is a top priority.
botanicalThe botanical technical term for a leaf is phyllome.
libraryThe library technical staff promptly solved the computer issues.
veterinaryVeterinary technical skills are in high demand.
dentalThe dental technical team at the clinic is highly skilled and experienced.
dimensionalThe dimensional technical analysis of the data revealed significant trends.
oxideThe oxide technical team is responsible for developing and maintaining the company's website.
sodoThe sodo technical can conduct maintenance on your project.
institutionalThe company's institutional technical capability ensures operational efficiency and robust service delivery.

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