Adjectives for Television

Adjectives For Television

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing television, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a television can greatly affect the meaning conveyed. Whether discussing the latest commercial success, a public broadcasting service, or a show with national significance, the adjective sets the tone. An educational program might aim to enlighten, whereas an American television show may reflect cultural nuances. Moreover, the term circuit could highlight technical aspects of television production or distribution. These nuances illustrate how adjectives bring depth, providing insight into the context, purpose, or origin of television content or technology. For more adjectives that enrich the context around 'television,' see the full list below.
commercialCommercial television with its revenue model based on advertising, has been a dominant force in entertainment for decades
publicThe thrilling documentary series can only be accessed through public television
nationalThe president's address was broadcast on national television
educationalChildren's educational television has improved its production values over the years.
americanThe actress was nominated for multiple awards for her work on American television
circuitThe convenience store had circuit television cameras recording the robbery.
britishMy favorite british television show is Top Gear.
digitalDigital television has become the norm in most households.
satelliteI subscribe to a premium satellite television package.
localI often watch local television to catch up on news and weather updates.
interactiveThe interactive television provided viewers with the ability to respond to prompts on the screen and participate in the programming.
timeThe children were watching time television when their parents came home.
instructionalStudents attentively watched the instructional television program about ancient Egypt.
muchMy friend watches much television on the weekends.
closedThe company uses closed television to monitor the factory floor.
definitionThis is a definition television that displays images in 720 lines, as opposed to 480 lines.
frenchThe latest news can be seen on French television
madeHe made television one of the most powerful instruments of our nation.
daytimeWatching daytime television can be a relaxing way to spend an afternoon.
screenI watched the movie on the big screen television in the living room.
sovietSoviet television was a powerful tool for propaganda and control.
popularThe popular television show was watched by millions of people.
germanMy favorite german television show is 'Dark'.
terrestrialWe can watch terrestrial television using an antenna.
globalGlobal television has made the world a smaller place.
primePrime television has become increasingly popular in recent years.
portableI watched the game on my portable television
canadianDegrassi: The Next Generation is a popular Canadian television series.
inchI watched old cartoons on the inch television in my grandma's kitchen.
italianI watched Italian television yesterday.
japaneseI watched a lot of Japanese television when I was a kid.
nationwideThe President will make a nationwide television address this evening.
australianI enjoy watching Australian television shows.
nightI love watching night television before bed.
independentIndependent television provides a platform for diverse voices to express their perspectives.
lessWatching less television can improve your health and well-being.
westI watched my favorite show on West television last night.
israeliMy favorite Israeli television show is Fauda.
europeanWatching European television is a great way to learn about different cultures.
languageThe language television program was very educational.
electronicThe electronic television has become an essential part of modern life.
chineseI like to watch Chinese television
conventionalWe were glued to the screen, watching conventional television
spanishShe loves to watch spanish television in the evenings.
russianRussian television is a powerful tool for disseminating propaganda.
regionalI enjoy watching regional television to stay informed about local news and events.
standardThe standard television has a resolution of 720p.
mainstreamDespite the explosion in streaming video and on-demand entertainment, mainstream television remains a powerful force in the media landscape.
transnationalThe transnational television industry has created a global marketplace for television content.
contemporaryThe prevalence of streaming services has transformed the landscape of contemporary television
brazilianBrazilian television has a long and storied history.
networkThe movie had a successful run on network television
noncommercialNoncommercial television offers educational and cultural programs to the public.
swedishI watched the swedish television last night.
wayThe way television is consumed has changed dramatically over the years.
primetimeThe show will air during primetime television
colorWatching color television has become the norm in modern society.
factualFactual television refers to shows that present real-life events and situations.
dutchI watched Dutch television last night.
episodicThe episodic television series has been running for over a decade.
controlledThe child's access to controlled television is monitored by their parents.
iraqiIraqi television has been broadcasting since the 1950s.

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