Adjectives for Temperature

Adjectives For Temperature

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing temperature, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'temperature' often conjures up clear, tangible sensations, depending on the adjectives that precede it. Descriptors like 'high' and 'low' instantly set the scene, impacting our perception of weather, objects, or even moods. 'Higher' and 'lower' suggest comparisons or changes, evoking a sense of dynamics or shifts. 'Constant' and 'mean' introduce a notion of stability or average, bringing a sense of predictability. Each adjective paired with 'temperature' not only informs about the degree but also subtly influences our emotional response. Dive into the full spectrum of adjectives that breathe life into 'temperature', uncovering the unique nuances each combination brings.
highThe patient developed a high temperature and severe chills.
lowThe low temperature made it difficult to sleep.
constantThe constant temperature of the room made me feel comfortable.
meanThe mean temperature in July is 25 degrees Celsius.
sameStir until the milk reaches the same temperature as the scones.
averageThe average temperature in July is 75 degrees Fahrenheit.
criticalThe critical temperature of water is 373.946 Kelvin.
absoluteThe absolute temperature of the liquid nitrogen is 77 Kelvin.
maximumThe maximum temperature reached 35 degrees Celsius.
normalThe normal temperature of human body is 37 degrees Celsius.
ambientThe ambient temperature was a comfortable 72 degrees Fahrenheit.
elevatedThe patient presented with an elevated temperature of 39 degrees Celsius.
annualThe annual temperature in the region is about 10 degrees Celsius.
ordinaryThe reaction proceeds at ordinary temperature
initialThe initial temperature of the reaction was 25 degrees Celsius.
lowestThe lowest temperature ever recorded on Earth was -89.2 degrees Celsius (-128.6 degrees Fahrenheit).
highestThe highest temperature ever recorded on Earth is 134 degrees Fahrenheit in Death Valley, California.
minimumThe minimum temperature for the United States in January is 10 degrees Fahrenheit.
uniformThe object maintained a uniform temperature throughout the experiment.
environmentalThe environmental temperature was 70 degrees Fahrenheit.
finalThe final temperature of the reaction was 45°C.
properPlease adjust the oven to the proper temperature before baking.
rectalThe rectal temperature of the patient was 101 degrees Fahrenheit.
internalThe internal temperature of the Earth is about 6,000 degrees Celsius.
effectiveThe effective temperature of a star is the temperature of a blackbody that would radiate the same total amount of energy.
atmosphericThe atmospheric temperature was soaring because of the greenhouse effect.
outsideThe current outside temperature is 32 degrees Fahrenheit.
actualThe actual temperature is lower than the average.
standardThe standard temperature for this experiment is 25 degrees Celsius.
substrateThe substrate temperature was maintained at 600 °C during the deposition process.
potentialThe potential temperature of the air mass is 300 Kelvin.
liquidThe liquid temperature was closely monitored to ensure the optimal reaction rate.
moderateThe weather was pleasant with moderate temperature and a slight breeze.
dailyThe daily temperature reached 86 degrees Fahrenheit.
externalThe external temperature has dropped significantly in the last few days.
globalThe global temperature has been rising steadily over the past century.
correctThe correct temperature for bacteria growth is 37 degrees Celsius.
coldThe cold temperature took a toll on the crops.
ovenPreheat the oven to the desired oven temperature
optimal"That's within the optimal temperature range for germination."
definiteThe water in the pond had a definite temperature
fixedThe experiment was conducted under fixed temperature and pressure conditions.
monthlyThe monthly temperature of the region is 65.33F.
suitableThe plants thrived in the suitable temperature of the greenhouse.
evenThe room had an even temperature
outdoorThe outdoor temperature is a crucial factor to consider when planning outdoor activities.
warmThe warm temperature made the day feel like summer.
controlledThe lab maintained a controlled temperature for the experiment.
subnormalThe patient's subnormal temperature was a sign of hypothermia.
basalMy basal temperature is usually around 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit.
pointThe point temperature of the lake water is 55 degrees Fahrenheit.
comfortableThe weather has been at a comfortable temperature all week.
finiteThe system is kept at finite temperature
wetThe wet temperature is a measure of the amount of water vapor in the air.
characteristicThe characteristic temperature of a star is a measure of its surface temperature.
equivalentThe equivalent temperature of the blackbody that would emit the same amount of energy peaks at around 492 degrees Celsius.
coolThe cool temperature was refreshing after the hot summer day.
correspondingThe corresponding temperature is 20 degrees Celsius.
oralThe nurse took my oral temperature to check for a fever.
dryThe dry temperature in the shade was 95 degrees.
steadyMaintaining a steady temperature is essential for proper cell growth in a laboratory setting.
adiabaticThe adiabatic temperature gradient in the Earth's mantle is about 0.5 degrees Celsius per kilometer.
measuredThe measured temperature was 37 degrees Celsius.
thermodynamicThe thermodynamic temperature of a system is a measure of its thermal energy.
desiredI set the desired temperature to 72 degrees Fahrenheit.
insideThe inside temperature of the house was a comfortable 72 degrees.
reducedThe reduced temperature indicated the system has reached equilibrium.
equableThe town of Medellin is famous for its equable temperature all year round.
indoorThe indoor temperature is a comfortable 72 degrees.
bodyThe body temperature of a healthy adult is typically between 97.6 and 99.6 degrees Fahrenheit.
observedThe observed temperature was 25 degrees Celsius.
variableThe variable temperature in the room made it difficult to sleep.
excessiveThe excessive temperature made it difficult to stay outdoors.

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