Adjectives for Term

Adjectives For Term

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing term, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

In the realm of language, the nuances carried by adjectives when paired with the noun 'term' can significantly alter its meaning and impact. A 'long term' suggests a duration extending far into the future, emphasizing commitment or sustained effort. Conversely, a 'short term' implies a fleeting, temporary period, often with immediate effects or consequences. The 'first term' and 'second term' indicate order and sequence, often used in academic or political contexts to denote periods of tenure or study. 'General term,' meanwhile, introduces a broader, more inclusive category or concept. Each adjective, from 'long' to 'year', shapes our understanding of time, priority, and specificity when used with 'term.' These variations underscore the importance of adjective choice in conveying precise meaning. Discover the full range of adjectives that color and complement 'term' in our comprehensive list below.
shortThe team's short term goal is to win the next game.
secondThe president declined to run for a second term
firstMy first term at university was a whirlwind of new experiences and challenges.
generalThe general term for squares is x^2.
yearThe politician is serving a two-year term.
thirdThe third term of the arithmetic sequence is 15.
lastI remember that last term was very productive.
longerWe are planning to switch to a longer term contract.
genericThe generic term for a male sheep is a ram.
technicalThe technical term for the fear of spiders is arachnophobia.
fullThe baby was born at full term
middleThe middle term of the sequence is the harmonic mean.
latterIn the latter term his abilities really start to shine.
nextI will take a vacation next term
commonThe common term for a group of geese on the ground is a gaggle.
singleThis is a single term
betterIn this world where teachers are often vastly underpaid, I suppose 'underappreciated' might be the better term
constantThe constant term of the quadratic equation is 5.
relativeHealth is a relative term and what is healthy for one person may not be healthy for another.
nearDue to restrictions, I will not be able to provide financial assistance in the near term
unexpiredThe recent changes in the regulations do not apply to licenses that are presently in effect for an unexpired term
fourthShe started working since the fourth term
appropriateThe appropriate term for the medical condition is 'myocardial infarction'.
legalThe legal term 'pro se' refers to a person who represents themselves in court.
presidentialThe presidential term is four years.
greekThe greek term 'exegesis' refers to a detailed interpretation of a text.
keyThis key term is essential for understanding the topic.
collectiveThe collective term for a group of larks is an exaltation.
broadThe term 'democracy' is often used as a broad term to encompass a wide range of political systems.
vagueThis vague term could mean anything.
correctMake sure to use the correct term when referring to people.
colloquialHer colloquial term for a mobile phone is 'celly'.
usualThe usual term for a fever is pyrexia.
derogatoryThe derogatory term was not appreciated by the group.
latinThe word 'et cetera' is a Latin term meaning 'and so on'.
ambiguousThe ambiguous term was used in a way that made the meaning of the sentence unclear.
shorterThe curve of the stock over shorter term provides unfavorable outlook.
correspondingThe corresponding term for 'debit' in accounting is 'credit'.
alternativeWe use the alternative term "data science" to describe the modern equivalent of statistics.
preferredThe preferred term for this is 'disability'.
exponentialThe exponential term in the equation is e^x.
linearThe equation is linear because it contains a linear term
neutralThe neutral term was used to describe the situation fairly.
convenientThe convenient term 'date' refers to a specific day.
familiarI prefer to use the familiar term 'sofa' rather than the more formal 'couch'.
leaseThe lease term was for two years.
inclusiveWe should use inclusive terms like 'folks' or 'y'all' instead of gendered terms like 'guys' or 'ladies'.
maximumThe maximum term of the loan is ten years.
abstractThe abstract term 'justice' has been debated by philosophers for centuries.
comprehensiveThe test requires a comprehensive term to be included in the answer.
mediumThis plan is an integral part of our medium term strategy for national development.
quadraticThe quadratic term of the equation is x^2.
broaderThe broader term for a general practitioner is a physician.
accurateThe accurate term for this phenomenon is 'photosynthesis'.
indefiniteThey stayed in New York for an indefinite term
definiteThe contract will have a definite term of five years.
orderThe order term is the last term of the logical expression.

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