Adjectives for Terms

Adjectives For Terms

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing terms, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to pair with 'terms' can subtly change its meaning, infusing nuances that might not be immediately apparent. 'General terms' often hint at a broad, overview perspective, contrasting sharply with 'technical terms,' which dive into specialized, niche understandings. Using 'own terms' speaks to personal definitions and interpretations, while 'real terms' ground discussions in reality, providing tangible benchmarks. Similarly, 'equal terms' elicit a sense of fairness and balance, highlighting relationships or comparisons. Understanding these nuances allows for richer, more precise communication, ensuring that messages are conveyed with the intended clarity and depth. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that can accompany 'terms' below, each with its unique context and implication.
generalThe contract is subject to general terms and conditions.
suchHe was familiar with such terms and expressions.
ownI've learned to be happy on my own terms
realThe economy grew by 2% in real terms last year.
equalThe students obtained equal terms on the test.
friendlyWe remained on friendly terms after the breakup.
absoluteThe company's profits increased in absolute terms but decreased as a percentage of sales.
practicalWe can see its utility in practical terms
economicThe economic terms of the deal were favorable.
keyThis article introduces some key terms in machine learning.
broadPlease let us think in broad terms like the big picture.
similarCombine similar terms before simplifying an algebraic equation.
relativeThe importance of things is dependent on relative terms
betterWe can discuss this on better terms tomorrow
abstractThe abstract terms were not well-defined, leading to confusion.
favorableThe business deal was finalized on favorable terms
quantitativeQuantitative terms are used to describe something that can be measured.
legalThe jury returned a unanimous verdict in favor of the plaintiff in the legal terms case.
easyWe offer easy terms for payment.
simplestThe simplest terms can be understood by anyone.
preciseThe scientist used precise terms to describe the experiment.
relatedThe words 'happy' and 'joyous' are related terms
favourableWe were able to secure a loan with favourable terms
theoreticalThe researcher used theoretical terms to elucidate his findings.
monetaryThe company is struggling financially and is operating at a loss, with its revenues falling by 25% in monetary terms
reasonableThe negotiator proposed reasonable terms to both parties.
mathematicalThe evaluation of the mathematical terms was successful.
synonymousThese two words are synonymous terms
strongestWe condemn in the strongest terms the acts of violence and aggression.
lowestExpress the fraction in its lowest terms
plainThe solution was explained in plain terms
formalThe formal terms of the agreement were negotiated by the parties involved.
nominalThe nominal terms of the contract are subject to change.
consecutiveThe politician served three consecutive terms in office.
liberalThe company offers financing at liberal terms
exactThe exact terms of the agreement are still under negotiation.
conventionalConventional terms are used to describe the subject matter of the bill.

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