Adjectives for Test

Adjectives For Test

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing test, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a test can significantly alter the perception and expectation of its outcome. A positive test might bring hope or confirmation, while a simple test could imply ease and accessibility. The term diagnostic adds a layer of professionalism and purpose, highlighting the test's role in identifying conditions or issues. Final and second suggest a sequence or a phase, with 'final' hinting at conclusiveness and 'second' implying another chance or a follow-up. The use of real distinguishes between simulations or practice scenarios and authentic tests. Navigating through these choices reveals the intricate nuances and profound impact adjectives can have. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives associated with 'test' and explore the subtle shades of meaning each brings.
positiveThe positive test result confirmed the diagnosis.
simpleThe class took a simple test on Friday.
diagnosticThe doctor ordered a diagnostic test to determine the cause of the patient's symptoms.
finalThe final test will be held next Friday.
secondPlease make sure to study for your second test
realThe real test will be when we see the final results.
squareThe square test is used to determine the squareness of a surface.
statisticalThe results of the statistical test were significant.
singleThe doctor ordered a single test to check for the patient's blood sugar level.
tailedThe test is a two-tailed test.
standardThe students will take a standard test on Friday.
ultimateThe ultimate test of a relationship is going on a long car trip together.
severeThe experiment was a severe test of their patience.
prePlease take the pre test before enrolling in the course.
directWe applied a direct test to the new theory.
postThe students will take a post test after completing the unit.
trueA true test of character is how you respond to adversity.
negativeThis is a negative test for the system.
standardizedThe standardized test results show that the students are performing well.
empiricalThe empirical test showed that the new treatment was more effective than the old one.
crucialPassing the crucial test will lead to an important promotion.
bestThis test was the best test I have ever taken.
experimentalThe experimental test yielded promising results.
objectiveThe students did well on the objective test
sensitiveThe sensitive test revealed the presence of the toxin.
practicalThe practical test will assess your ability to apply the concepts you have learned.
usefulThe useful test helped me determine the best course of action.
initialThe initial test was a successful demonstration of the product's capabilities.
supremeI have been put to the supreme test
oralThe students will have an oral test tomorrow.
preliminaryThe preliminary test results show promise.
actualThe actual test is more difficult than the practice test.
fairWe conducted a fair test to determine the best fertilizer for our tomato plants.
reliableThe results from the reliable test show that the new drug is effective in treating the disease.
rapidThe rapid test showed a negative result.
appropriateThe appropriate test was used to confirm the results.
itemDid the students complete all the item tests?
psychologicalThe psychological test revealed surprising insights into her personality.
indirectThe assistant was asked to analyze the results of the indirect test
criticalThe students took a critical test to assess their knowledge.
exactThe exact test is a statistical test used to compare the observed and expected frequencies of events in a contingency table.
choiceI took a choice test on American history.
multipleThe students took multiple tests during the semester.
acidHis words were put to the acid test by the judge's questions.
quantitativeThe quantitative test took three hours to complete.
stressThe doctor ordered a stress test to evaluate the effects of exercise on the patient's heart.
qualitativeThe qualitative test indicated the presence of the analyte.
sidedThe two-sided test showed a significant difference between the two groups.
coldThe doctor suggested that I take a cold test to check for any allergies.
fitThe fit test ensured that the mask formed a proper seal against the wearer's face.
hourThe students spent an hour test on the topic of the American Revolution.
verbalShe passed the verbal test with flying colors.
pencilThe pencil test was conducted to determine the hardness of the material.
projectiveThe projective test revealed her deep-seated anxieties.
rigorousThe rigorous test examined the candidate's problem-solving skills.
quickLet's do a quick test before we start the project.
staticDuring the static test the engine is run on a test stand.
delicateThe doctor ran a delicate test on the patient.
routineThe routine test came back negative.
definitiveThe definitive test to determine if you have a cold or the flu is a blood test.
functionalThe functional test was designed to ensure that the system met its requirements.
severestThe team is facing its severest test yet with three games to go.
confirmatoryThe confirmatory test results came back positive.
falseI failed my false test
accurateThe results of the accurate test confirmed the initial diagnosis.

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