Adjectives for Testing

Adjectives For Testing

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing testing, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe testing can significantly alter the nuance of your statement, revealing the context, purpose, or nature of the testing being discussed. For instance, psychological testing delves into understanding human behavior, while genetic testing explores the blueprint of life itself. Further testing suggests ongoing exploration or verification, whereas nuclear testing raises images of power and potential destruction. Diagnostic testing, on the other hand, is crucial in medicine for identifying diseases. Lastly, extensive testing indicates a thorough and comprehensive examination. Each adjective opens a different dimension, enriching the conversation about testing. Discover the full list of adjectives to describe testing and their nuances below.
psychologicalPsychological testing involves the use of standardized instruments to assess an individual's cognitive, emotional, and behavioral functioning.
geneticGenetic testing is a complex process used to identify genetic variations associated with inherited diseases or conditions.
furtherFurther testing is required to confirm the results.
diagnosticThe doctor ordered diagnostic testing to determine the cause of the patient's illness.
extensiveAfter extensive testing the product was finally ready for release.
empiricalThe results of empirical testing were significant.
clinicalThe drug has completed clinical testing and is now available to patients.
routineRoutine testing is an important part of maintaining the health and safety of a product.
additionalAdditional testing is required to confirm the diagnosis.
standardizedStandardized testing was not originally intended to determine college readiness.
formalThe formal testing revealed no problems with the system.
statisticalThe results of the statistical testing were significant.
initialInitial testing is very important for the iterative process.
stressThe company conducted stress testing to ensure the stability of its systems during peak demand.
neuropsychologicalNeuropsychological testing can measure a person's cognitive abilities, such as memory, attention, and language.
mentalThe mental testing was conducted to assess the patient's cognitive abilities.
functionalThe software development team used functional testing to ensure that the software performs as specified in the requirements.
rigorousThe software underwent rigorous testing before its release.
experimentalThe experimental testing has provided valuable insights into the effectiveness of the new treatment.
prenatalPrenatal testing can detect potential health problems in a developing fetus.
serologicThe serologic testing confirmed that the patient had previously been infected with the virus.
mechanicalThe mechanical testing of the new material showed promising results.
preliminaryPreliminary testing showed promising results for the new product.
carefulCareful testing revealed some fundamental flaws in the system's design.
pulmonaryPulmonary testing can help diagnose and monitor lung diseases.
subsequentSubsequent testing confirmed the presence of the disease.
randomRandom testing is a software testing technique that is used to find bugs in a program by running it with random data.
mandatoryMandatory testing is required for all students before the start of the school year.
preThe pre testing results were promising.
directThe students engaged in direct testing to evaluate their understanding of the material.
basedThe development team implemented based testing to ensure the new feature worked flawlessly.
selfThe module has self testing capabilities.
scaleThe team scheduled scale testing for this weekend to complete the project on time.
dynamicDynamic testing involves executing the software or system to evaluate its behavior in real-time.
educationalThe school district has implemented new educational testing requirements for all students.
psychometricThe company uses psychometric testing to assess candidates' cognitive abilities and personality traits.
visualVisual testing is an important part of software development to ensure that the user interface looks and functions as expected.
objectiveThe objective testing showed that the student had a good understanding of the material.
actualThe actual testing of the new software is scheduled for next week.
stakesThe students were anxious about the upcoming stakes testing
thoroughThe software application was put through thorough testing
noninvasiveNoninvasive testing is useful for diagnosing a variety of conditions without causing harm to the patient.
sensorySensory testing was conducted to assess the product's flavor and texture.
appropriateAppropriate testing was used to verify the accuracy of the results of the study.
periodicPeriodic testing must be carried out to ensure that the equipment is operating correctly.
adaptiveAdaptive testing adjusts the difficulty of test questions based on the user's performance.
predictivePredictive testing can help identify people who are at risk of developing certain health conditions.
manualAgile teams often employ manual testing for quick feedback.
electrophysiologicElectrophysiologic testing helps to diagnose and treat arrhythmias by analyzing the electrical signals of the heart.
systematicThe team conducted systematic testing to ensure the functionality of the new software.
scientificThe scientific testing involved meticulous data gathering and analysis.
adequateThorough and adequate testing is essential for ensuring the reliability and stability of the software.
frequentFrequent testing helped us identify errors early on.
provocativeThe researchers conducted provocative testing to evaluate the performance of the new software.
multipleMultiple testing is a statistical method used to control the probability of rejecting the null hypothesis when it is true.
ultrasonicUltrasonic testing is a non-destructive test method that uses high-frequency sound waves to detect flaws and defects in materials.
regularRegular testing is essential for maintaining the health of your system.
cognitiveCognitive testing is a type of usability testing that focuses on understanding how users think and process information.
electricalElectrical testing is used to ensure that electrical systems are operating safely and efficiently.
quantitativeThe quantitative testing revealed a significant increase in sales revenue.
serologicalSerological testing was used to determine the presence of antibodies in the patient's blood sample.
acceleratedThe accelerated testing process puts the product through a series of rigorous tests to simulate real-world conditions.
serialSerial testing was ordered to help identify the frequency of the disease.
staticStatic testing is a method of software testing that verifies the correctness of the source code without executing it.
preoperativeThe patient underwent preoperative testing to evaluate their overall health and prepare them for surgery.
referencedThe referenced testing method was utilized to ascertain the validity of the results.
conventionalWe use more conventional testing methods for simple websites.
projectiveDuring the projective testing participants were asked to respond to ambiguous stimuli with their own thoughts and feelings.
environmentalThe company conducted environmental testing to ensure the product meets all safety regulations.
exhaustiveExhaustive testing serves as a comprehensive and thorough evaluation of all possible input combinations to ascertain the system's robustness and reliability.
audiometricAudiometric testing is a way to measure hearing ability.
detailedThe software underwent detailed testing to ensure its reliability.
worthThis method of cooking is worth testing
invasiveInvasive testing is a medical procedure that involves inserting a probe into the body to collect a sample of tissue or fluid.
limitedThe limited testing revealed only a few minor bugs.
automatedAutomated testing ensures software quality and efficiency.
computerizedComputerized testing makes it possible to take exams from any location at any time.

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