Adjectives for Tests

Adjectives For Tests

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing tests, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe tests can significantly impact the perception of their purpose and nature. A diagnostic test implies a means to identify a condition or disease, whereas a standardized test suggests a uniform procedure applied across various contexts for comparison. The term psychological test immediately conveys an assessment of the human mind, contrasting sharply with statistical tests, which are rooted in data analysis and trends. With various and standard tests, one captures the diversity of tests available, while the other emphasizes conformity to norms. Each adjective sheds light on a unique facet of tests, inviting a deeper exploration. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives and the nuances they bring to our understanding of tests.
diagnosticThe doctor ordered diagnostic tests to determine the cause of the patient's illness.
standardizedStandardized tests are often used to measure student achievement.
psychologicalThe psychologist administered a battery of psychological tests to assess the patient's cognitive abilities.
statisticalStatistical tests can help determine if there is a significant difference between two or more groups.
variousEmma conducted various tests during the course of her research.
standardThe students did well on the standard tests
nuclearThe nuclear tests conducted by the government were met with widespread condemnation.
objectiveObjective tests provide a reliable and efficient method of assessing student knowledge.
specificWe can perform specific tests to ensure the quality of the product.
furtherThe doctor ordered further tests to determine the cause of the patient's symptoms.
specialThe doctor ordered some special tests to determine the cause of the patient's symptoms.
mentalThe doctor administered a number of mental tests to determine the extent of her cognitive decline.
additionalThe doctor ordered additional tests to rule out any other potential causes.
simpleThe mechanic performed simple tests on the car to determine the issue.
empiricalThe results of our empirical tests suggest that the new treatment is effective.
individualIndividual tests are required to assess the performance of each component.
clinicalAfter the clinical tests the doctor declared the patient as healthy.
experimentalScientists conducted experimental tests to verify the hypothesis.
followingThe following tests were conducted on the new product to ensure quality.
serologicalSerological tests are used to detect antibodies in the blood.
routineWe will perform some routine tests before the surgery.
appropriateThe appropriate tests should be carried out to ensure the device's functionality.
projectiveProjective tests are personality tests that use ambiguous stimuli to elicit a person's unconscious thoughts and feelings.
preliminaryThe preliminary tests were successful.
serologicThe serologic tests came back positive, indicating that the patient had been exposed to the virus.
biochemicalBiochemical tests were performed to determine the type of bacteria present.
medicalThe patient had to undergo a series of medical tests to determine the cause of their illness.
verbalVerbal tests are given at the beginning of each stage.
pulmonaryThe doctor ordered pulmonary tests to assess the patient's lung function.
initialThe initial tests showed promising results.
multipleThe doctor ordered multiple tests to determine the cause of the patient's symptoms.
referencedThe referenced tests need to be updated.
neuropsychologicalThe neuropsychological tests revealed deficits in attention and memory.
extensiveThe scientists conducted extensive tests before coming to a conclusion.
functionalThe automated functional tests confirm the website's expected behavior.
negativeThe negative tests came back with no significant findings.
conventionalConventional tests often fail to capture the true abilities of students.
numerousNumerous tests were conducted to verify the results.
mechanicalThe mechanical tests were performed at room temperature.
subsequentThe subsequent tests proved the initial diagnosis.
abnormalThe doctor recommended some additional tests because my blood work came back with abnormal tests
educationalThe educational tests were designed to assess students' knowledge and skills.
scaleThe scale tests were carried out to determine the accuracy of the weighing scale.
psychometricThe company used psychometric tests to assess the candidates' abilities.
formalThe students completed their formal tests last week.
comparativeComparative tests showed that the new system is more efficient than the old one.
staticStatic tests are often used to verify the code structure and dependencies without executing the code.
cognitiveThe doctor ordered a battery of cognitive tests to assess the patient's mental status.
availableThere are several available tests for this condition.
usualThey failed the usual tests
parametricParametric tests are used to compare the means or variances of two or more groups.
geneticGenetic tests are used to identify inherited genetic disorders.
qualitativeQualitative tests are used to identify the presence or absence of a particular substance.
nonparametricNonparametric tests are statistical procedures that do not make assumptions about the distribution of the population from which the sample is drawn.
aboveThe scores for the above tests were excellent.
quantitativeStatistical validation is based on quantitative tests that allow the calculation of the degree of trust in the investment and the amount of risk involved.
termThe students groaned when their teacher announced that they would have a series of term tests
squareThe students completed their final square tests
choiceThe choice tests were challenging but fair.
oralThe students did well on the oral tests
dynamicDynamic tests are a type of software testing that is used to evaluate the behavior of a system under different input conditions.
liverThe liver tests were normal.
basedThe students took based tests
tailedThe hypothesis tests conducted on this data were two-tailed tests.
sensitiveOur sensitive tests can detect the smallest variations in air quality.
renalThe renal tests came back abnormal.
triaxialThe triaxial tests conducted on soil samples provided valuable insights into its shear strength characteristics.
pencilThe studio sent over their pencil tests for approval.

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