Adjectives for Text

Adjectives For Text

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing text, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a text can significantly impact the reader's understanding and appreciation of it. An original text brings to mind an authentic piece, untouched and raw in its beauty. A full text, on the other hand, suggests completeness and a wealth of information, leaving no stone unturned. Delving into historical contexts, a Greek or Latin text teleports us to the cradles of western civilization, rich with ancient wisdom and philosophy. Meanwhile, a biblical text invokes divine inspiration and timeless moral teachings. The main text stands as the focal point, around which all discussions and interpretations revolve. Each adjective shades the noun with unique connotations and flavors, inviting readers to explore deeper meanings and connections. Discover the full palette of adjectives that can accompany 'text' in the list below.
originalThis is the original text
fullThe full text of the article is available online.
biblicalThe biblical text provides a moral framework for human actions.
mainThis is the main text of the document.
completeHere is the complete text
accompanyingThe accompanying text provided crucial information for the research paper.
presentThe present text provides a comprehensive overview of the topic.
literaryI enjoy reading literary text that is rich in symbolism and open to interpretation.
sacredThe sacred text was carefully preserved and passed down for generations.
frenchFrench text is beautiful and poetic.
entireThis is the entire text
finalThis is the final text
basicThe basic text is simple and easy to read.
introductoryThis is an introductory text
classicThe classic text provides a wealth of information about the subject.
actualThis is the actual text
ancientThe ancient text contained valuable historical information.
printedThe printed text was easy to read.
explanatoryThe explanatory text provided additional information about the topic.
authoritativeThe authoritative text of the Quran is in Arabic.
criticalThe critical text of the play reveals the author's original intentions.
officialThe official text provides a comprehensive overview of the subject matter.
scripturalThe scriptural text is a source of wisdom and guidance.
sanskritThe ancient sanskrit text of the Vedas has been preserved orally for centuries.
earlierYou can simply use the value of the previous text as the earlier text
excellentThis excellent text is a pleasure to read.
comprehensiveIt was a comprehensive text about the history of the world.
keyThe key text is the most important part of the document
masoreticThe Masoretic text is the traditional Hebrew text of the Old Testament.
aboveThe above text is an example of a short sentence.
briefThis is a brief text
constitutionalThe constitutional text provides a framework for the government's powers and responsibilities.
authenticThe museum has many authentic texts that people can read.
readableThe book had large, readable text
preparedThe President delivered a carefully prepared text to the audience.
definitiveThe definitive text on the subject was written by an expert in the field.
canonicalThe canonical text is considered authoritative and final.
classicalI studied classical text in college.
expositoryThe expository text clearly explained the topic and provided supporting evidence.
electronicThe electronic text provided insights into the research topic.
difficultThe lawyer's arguments were a difficult text to understand.
correctThis is the correct text
extantAn extant text is a surviving piece of writing.
earliestThe earliest text on the subject is William Martin Leake's Researches in Greece (1814).
verbalThe verbal text was so verbose that it was difficult to understand.

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