Adjectives for Theory

Adjectives For Theory

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing theory, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

In the realm of intellect and discovery, the noun 'theory' collides with a spectrum of adjectives, each adding its unique shade of understanding. The use of 'general' sets a broad and encompassing stage, inviting discussions that span across disciplines. 'Economic' and 'social' theories delve into the intricacies of societal functions and structures, highlighting the interconnectedness of finance and community. A 'political' theory speaks to the governance and power dynamics that shape our world, while 'classical' theories remind us of the foundational thoughts that have guided centuries of contemplation. 'Critical' theories challenge the status quo, pushing boundaries and encouraging new perspectives. Each adjective not only defines but also nuances the concept of 'theory,' inviting a deeper exploration into its many dimensions. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives enhancing the noun 'theory' and their contextual significances below.
generalThe general theory of relativity is a theory of gravity developed by Albert Einstein.
economicThe firm's pricing strategy is based on microeconomic theory.
socialSocial theory is a branch of sociology that studies the structure and functioning of society.
politicalPolitical theory is a branch of political science that studies the nature of politics and government.
classicalThe classical theory suggests that this economic phenomenon is due to the emergence of new technologies.
criticalCritical theory has been used to analyze a wide range of social and cultural phenomena.
psychoanalyticHis psychoanalytic theory emphasized the importance of unconscious motivation in shaping behavior.
modernThe modern theory of evolution is based on natural selection
mathematicalThe mathematical theory of this equation is complex.
scientificScientific theory is a well-substantiated explanation of some aspect of the natural world.
evolutionaryEvolutionary theory explains how species change over time.
marxistMarxist theory postulates that society is divided into classes based on their relationship to the means of production, and that class conflict is the driving force of historical change.
psychologicalThe psychological theory of learned helplessness explains how repeated exposure to uncontrollable events can lead to a state of passivity and hopelessness.
literaryThe literary theory of reader-response criticism emphasizes the role of the reader in interpreting and creating the meaning of a text.
sociologicalThe sociological theory of social stratification examines the social hierarchy and its impact on individuals and groups within a society.
cognitiveThe cognitive theory emphasizes the role of mental processes in learning.
moralUtilitarianism is the moral theory that actions are right in proportion as they tend to promote happiness.
kineticKinetic theory states that all matter is made of tiny particles that are constantly moving.
traditionalThe traditional theory does not account for the new data.
democraticDemocratic theory emphasizes the importance of popular sovereignty, the consent of the governed, and the equality of all citizens
ethicalUtilitarianism is an influential ethical theory
linguisticThe linguistic theory is based on the idea that language is a system of symbols.
atomicThe atomic theory states that matter is made up of tiny, indivisible particles called atoms.
contemporaryThe contemporary theory of evolution is based on the work of Charles Darwin
basicThe basic theory of relativity is a theory of gravity that describes how gravity works.
educationalThe educational theory was based on the idea that all students can learn.
legalLegal theory attempts to explain the nature of law and its role in society.
currentThe current theory is that the universe began with a Big Bang.
statisticalExtensive experimental and computational work has been done in this area, and some elements of a statistical theory for the exchange anisotropy in dilute magnetic systems have emerged from this work.
freudianThis psychological condition can be explained by Freudian theory
neoclassicalNeoclassical theory predicts consumer behavior based on rational utility maximization.
pureThe pure theory of relativity is a mathematical model that describes the relationship between space, time, and gravity.
liberalLiberal theory is a political philosophy that advocates for individual liberty and equality.
formalThe formal theory was developed by a group of mathematicians.
unifiedThe unified theory of everything is a hypothetical theory that would explain all the forces and particles in the universe.
linearThe linear theory provides a basic framework for understanding the behavior of this system.
comprehensivePlease present a comprehensive theory on the operation of a photovoltaic cell.
standardThe standard theory of evolution explains the diversity of life on Earth.
rationalThe rational theory of choice suggests that individuals make decisions to maximize their expected utility.
developmentalDevelopmental theory describes the growth of a being through a set of stages.
quantumQuantum theory is a theoretical framework that provides a description of many physical systems at the scale of atoms and subatomic particles.
adequateThe model's predictions were based on adequate theory and rigorous research.
darwinianThe darwinian theory of evolution by natural selection is a cornerstone of biology.
aestheticThe aesthetic theory is based on the idea that beauty is subjective and depends on the individual's perception.
electromagneticElectromagnetic theory is used to describe the interaction between electric and magnetic fields and their relationship to electric charges.
normativeThe normative theory of ethics focuses on determining what actions are morally right or wrong.
conventionalConventional theory holds that the weather will be unpredictable this winter.
dynamicThe dynamic theory of personality focuses on the ongoing interaction between the individual and their environment.
philosophicalKant's philosophical theory of the categorical imperative is based on the idea of universalizability.
abstractThe abstract theory behind this work is based on the principles of quantum mechanics.
structuralStructural theory aims to understand how structures shape the behavior of individuals and organizations.
mechanicalWhen I'm working on a car, I always try to use the mechanical theory of operation.
molecularThe molecular theory of matter explains the behavior of gases, liquids, and solids.
organizationalOrganizational theory is the study of organizations, including their structures, cultures, and processes.
functionalFunctional theory focuses on the functionality of a system rather than its structure.
semanticThe semantic theory of language emphasizes the meaning of words and sentences.
monetaryMonetary theory is the study of the creation and regulation of money.
marxianThe marxian theory is a social and economic theory developed by Karl Marx.
alternativeThe alternative theory is not supported by the evidence.
underlyingThe underlying theory behind the model is based on the principles of reinforcement learning.
causalThe causal theory of reference is a theory of reference that states that the meaning of a term is determined by its causal history.
calledHis involvement in the activities of the society serves to point to the conclusion that he was called theory
constitutionalThe concept of constitutional theory has greatly assisted in determining the scope and extent of the law and in the interpretation of the constitution.
dynamicalThe dynamical theory of diffraction is a theoretical framework for understanding the scattering of waves from periodic structures.
logicalThe logical theory is well-established and has been widely accepted.
elementaryThe elementary theory is not enough to explain the complex phenomenon.
rhetoricalRhetorical theory analyzes the use of words to produce an effect on an audience.
orthodoxThe orthodox theory of evolution is that natural selection is the driving force behind the evolution of species.
satisfactoryWe have not yet arrived at a satisfactory theory of everything.
queerQueer theory examines the social construction of sexuality and gender roles.

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